Sunday Cruz Day

During my visit in Wichita, I joined a few groups on Facebook to see what car events were going on. One group was called “Sunday Cruz Day” and as the name suggest, members would gather Sunday afternoon for a quick meet-up followed by cruising the Wichita area. My window was open

316 Customs Grand Opening Car Show

Recently I found myself making a trip to Wichita, Kansas for my little sister’s wedding. While I was there I wanted to check out the local car scene. Days before I began my journey north, I joined a few local Wichita car groups and started searching for car events taking

The Brewery Meet 2

There are some things as an event host you just can’t control or predict. One is weather, and the other is what’s going to conflict with the event. The weather was looking good, but as I was in route to our brewery meet, I was greeted with a ton of