The Mighty Frog | Scott Lewis’ 1971 Chevy Chevelle

Growing up around American Muscle cars as a kid, I have always had a soft spot for older muscle cars, especially the late 60s and

Meguiars Motorex – Sydney 2017

Sydney Olympic Park held host to this year's Meguiar’s MotorEx event over the weekend of 22-23rd July. In recent years, MotorEx has grown to be

Event Coverage

Dub Show Houston 2017

Remember when riding on dubs was a big deal? Like, a BIG deal. Like rap video, big deal? [Man, I miss the 90's.] There was a time


8 Things I Love About Oahu

All the signs were there... the family of four with their matching island print attire sitting in the next row, the flight attendant greeting me

Delta H Con 2017

August 20, 2016, My family and I found ourselves out and about Houston when we made a stop at a ramen shop for dinner. While