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Alex Ventura

Spring, Texas 

"I began taking pictures at car meets and car shows a couple of years ago as well as starting my car local car blog. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to learn more about the art of photography, I have enjoyed art in many forms including digital imaging and 3D modeling, freehand drawing, computer rendering, animation, graphic and web design. "

Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. 


Carl Jones II

Detroit, Michigan

Growing up in the Motor City you can't help but to love cars! I was introduced to cars and photography at a young age, and have kept them close ever since. My photography interest are cars of course, fashion, lifestyle and music! Looking to bring a view of Detroit's automotive scene.

Daniel Bray

Ocala, Florida

Florida based photographer in love with cars and automotive photography.

Blake Curtis

Sydney, Australia

Blake is a freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia, focused on motorsport, glamour, events and commercial photography projects.
Having been involved in motorsport from the age of 11, Blake stepped away from racing in 2003 to pursue his interest behind the camera lens.

Blake holds CAMS and FIA photography accreditation for motorsport events within Australia, and has also photographed motorsport events internationally. He provides event coverage alongside his photography online here at Spekture.

Elena Sbrana

Kirkland, Washington

Elena is the principal at Earchphoto, a commercial photography company with a special interest for industrial/architectural and automotive work.

The editorial sports division (Earchphoto Sports) is often involved in photo and video productions at motorsports events – including FIAWEC, IMSA, PWC, American and European LMS, MotoGP, and occasionally Formula Drift, Indycar, F1, and NASCAR.

Bernie Smith

Sarasota, Florida

As owner, creative director, photographer of BPS Imagery, I have always been a huge fan of all forms of photography. It wasn't until relocating to Las Vegas from the midwest and digital camera technology evolved that I was able to fully realize my love for photography. Automotive, motorcycles, beauty, glamour, pinup, retro, swimwear, and fitness themes are all areas of particular interest.

60's Muscle cars have been a part of my life since I was 14 years old with particular emphasis in Fords, Mustangs, and Shelbys being my specialty having owned and restored more than a couple rare examples which include a 67 GT500 and a 69 Boss 429. Having been a Ford Senior Master Technician for over 20 years has provided the means to stay current with cutting edge technology. High performance late model fuel injected cars have their own unique appeal to me, just as old school muscle cars always will. Motorsports and college football are also major interests of mine.

Christian Jyn Duchesne

Austin, Texas

An islander that, after over 10 years, is finally accepting his place in Texas. Being in the car show scene as a participant, photographer, and enthusiast, he eventually transitioned into the lifestyle of high performance driving on Texas's many racetracks.

When not out at the track, he can be found attempting to see every meme ever made on the Internet, fixing something he broke at the track, spoiling his dog, and sometimes contributing something interesting in the form of articles and comments. Give him a follow on Instagram or Facebook buttons above for more!


Dave Dundas

Vancouver, Canada

Having received only a C+ in “Global Domination” at an early age, I decided I better have a backup plan. Since then I’ve spent far too long admiring women and driving fast cars… if only there were some way to incorporate that into a job of some type… and long story short, here I am. 

Mark Rigsby

Houston, Texas

"The Story is everything!"

Mark is a commercial and advertising photographer who specializes in creative portraiture. It's through his passion that he approaches every single photoshoot looking to discover new ways to interest his audience.

Dani Faridi

Austin, Texas

Based in Austin, Texas but I travel around. I grew up around cameras because it was my dad's hobby. I started shooting more seriously in high school, and it has been a passion ever since. Originally a fashion photographer, I worked my way to automotive photography and videography because I love cars, (building them and shooting them).

Logan Robert

Wichita, Kansas

What's up?!?!? My name is Logan Robert. I'm a young Photographer from Wichita Kansas. To make the story short... I've always been in love with cars ever since I saw my first mustang at the age of let's just say roundabout 4. Since then I've collected what seemed to me like "all of the Hotwheels!". So as I grew up I started getting much much more into the real things, my first car show was blacktop nationals and id say that's where the obsession really skyrocketed. So fast forward to 2015, it was my birthday and to my surprise, I got my first car, it was a 1992 mustang gt! I know... you're probably saying "omg...that as a first car for someone that has no clue how to drive stick'' and yeah that's what I said! So fast forward to the Christmas of 2016 and I got my first real camera...and what better to take pictures of than the things I love most! So that's why I'm on the Spekture Team today!

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