‘Sketchy’ Vette

When you hear this thing startup, you can’t help but yell ‘MURICA!!!!

Fresh out of Dedicated Motorsports, Nick Crocker’s Corvette is producing a mind-numbing 1,250 horsepower and 950 ft-lbs of torque. 

Vehicle: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette
Owner: Nick Crocker
Hometown: Austin, TX
Engine: 427
Power: 1250hp
Social : Instagram, Facebook

The plan was to make this thing fast — really, really, fast, so this beast has a fully built Ochs Performance 427 motor. When I asked Nick to send me the build list, he said “give me a little time.” After about 2 hours, I received a whole page-full of mods. You can find that build list below.

As far as the suspension and wheel setup goes, ‘Sketchy’ sits on Pfadt Featherlight Coilovers, DSS Level 5 Axles, and hubs with ECS diff brace. Wheels are Weld Racing wrapped in MT Sportsman 26/6 R17 tires in the front and RT-S S71 Beadlocks 15×11.33 wrapped in MT ET Street R 325/50 R15 tires in the rear. 

I am a big fan of tuner cars, but properly built American Muscle cars have a special place in my heart.

Modification List

  • Morimoto XB Clear tail l ights
  • Wrap Dynamics Satin Flip Ghost Pearl
  • Corbeau Evo X Seats
  • PFADT Featherlight Coilovers
  • Carlyle Racing for the wheels, fitment and 15” Conversion Weld
  • RT-S S71 Single Beadlock 15” x 11.33”
  • MT ET Street R 325/50/15
  • Weld Aluma Star 2.0 17” x 4.5”
  • MT Sportsman S/R 26” x 6.00” R17
  • Ochs Performance built 427
  • Dart SHP LS Next Pro
  • Calico Coated King Racing Main & Rod Bearings
  • Callies Magnum CCW Crank
  • Callies Ultra Enforcer Rods
  • Diamond Pistons LS2K -22cc Coated
  • BTR LS7 Rockers and Trunnions
  • Johnson 2126LSR Lifters
  • Cam Motion Custom Grind
  • Brodix BR7’s
  • Innovators West Balancer 8.125” 10 Rib
  • Shaun’s Custom Alloy Billet Valve covers, intake manifold & rails
  • Dallas Performance Direct Drive 4.00” DP 10 Rib
  • Procharger F-1X
  • Nick Williams 102mm TB
  • Fore Innovation Triple TI 274’s & FC3 Staged Controller Injector
  • Dynamics F750 Fuel Filter & 1700cc Injectors
  • DSX Flex Fuel Kit and reprogrammed PCM
  • Dewitts cut-down radiator dual 11” SPAL fans
  • Dedicated Motorsports A2W, Catch Can
  • Motion Raceworks Billet Valve Cover Breathers
  • American Racing Headers 2” x 2-1/8” x 3-1/2” Race Headers
  • Corsa Performance Sport Axle-back
  • JS Alternators 250A
  • RPS BC3 Clutch
  • Tilton hydraulics
  • DSS CF Propshaft and billet couplers
  • RPM Transmissions Level VII TR6060
  • MGW Shifter
  • RPM Transmissions Level IV Diff 3.42
  • ECS Diff Brace
  • DSS Level 5 Axles and hubs

Special Thanks

Dedicated Motorsports (DMS) for the entire build, Matt Owen & Dale Smith | Matt for the tuning

Gary Ochs – Ochs Performance engine build

American Racing Headers – Nick Filippedes – really helped with cost without being asked for anything.

Biddle Motorsports – Duane Biddle My go to shop for issues, maintenance, and future upgrades.

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