The ‘Spekture’ name, brand and identity originally started in 2012 as a project by Nino Batista. Around this time, Alex Ventura was also trying to launch his own [at the time unnamed] motorsport and lifestyle publication which he started in 2011, independent of Batista’s Spekture project. By 2013, both were independently pushed aside so Batista and Ventura could focus on their photography and design work.  In the summer of 2015 they came together to discuss bringing a new car event to Houston. While discussing potential names for it, Nino reintroduced the name Spekture into the mix. That name just seemed to stick out from the rest, and so Spekture was finally reborn as a large scale car show for 2015, and ultimately into the brand that it is today.


Ryan Pramik, fellow photographer and friend, was invited into this new brand and vision.  Each one of these artists tended to work in different respective categories in the automotive scene. Nino being the self-admitted “exotics snob”, Alex more of the “import kid”, and Ryan rounding things out as “the muscle head”. But at the end of the day, all three of them are automotive enthusiasts who enjoy a well built car no matter what genre the ride may fall into.


Spekture comes from the combination of the words “spectacle” and “picture” which is essentially the vision behind the entire brand: To create a spectacle in pictures (and subsequently all media). The goal is to bring the world media focusing on the automotive, motorsport, luxury lifestyle and glamour world while covering several other related topics. To achieve this, we have partnered up with some amazing talent all over the world.


What’s next from Spekture? Stay tuned…

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