TX2K – POWER, POWER, oh and a side of POWER!!!!

It’s March once again and the start of the Spring season in the states.  For the gearheads it means getting out of the garage finally and putting those winter projects to the test. Spring also signifies the abundance of car shows, meets, track days, and competitions! There are several flagship events across the globe, and in the states one of those is TX2K. Hosted at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX the weekend is dedicated to huge power, drag strip racing, and a re-ignition to the car scene as everyone’s eyes are on the competitors. This year did not disappoint with a couple new world records and a monstrous display of machines.

Never been to a TX2k? Well it’s the type of event where having wheel horsepower figures below the 1000hp mark and even a bit above will net you some fun down the track, but will keep you from any serious contention in the brackets. Kicking off officially on Thursday with a mandatory driver’s meet and the start of qualifying mixed in with open track test-n-tune runs. Friday follow up with the official night meet at the track inviting all attendees and spectators a full preview of the monsters that will be going down the track. It also officially kicks off the weekend of crazy. Saturday paves the way for the stands to fill up and the pits to be overflowing with drivers, cars, shop trailers, and vendors. Sunday carries the energy and brings the event to a close.

This year specifically we witnessed a new world record. Gidi’s AMS Performance built, Alpha G Nissan GT-R breaking into 6s with a 6.937sec pass at 196MPH. Plenty of screams, celebration, and cheering happened for this specific milestone as it set the bar to an all new high for teams hoping to claim the throne. It’ll be interesting to watch all of them step up their game to match or exceed Gidi’s position now at the top. These types of moments set the tone for the rest of the year which has just started with a bang. Oh it’s going to be a fun year.

Additionally, we witnessed ETS’ (Extreme Turbo Systems) claim fasted Evo X with an amazing 8.488 @ 164mph pass. A stock Mitsubishi Evo X is somewhere in the high 12s low 13s depending on driver. So while 4 seconds may not seem like it’s a lot on paper. It’s massive in the seat and a true feat of accomplishment out of what started life as a 2 liter 4cylinder motor from Mitsubishi. Congratulations to everyone that competed this year! These are amazing accomplishments.

So this is a glimpse at what TX2K is all about. Power, culture, hard work, and achievement. Sure there are plenty that go home without anything, but all that does is fuel the fire for their next attempt where they will ultimately achieve what they are after if they want it bad enough.  Special thanks to Spekture Photographers Elena Sbrana of Earchphoto and Audra Oden of Audra Oden Photography for being our eyes and ears at the this memorable TX2K this year.

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