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Texas Illest 2017

I have two distinct memories of Gulf Greyhound Park in Houston, Texas.

The first, is of my uncle leaping over two rows of bleachers in celebration, as his dogs finished First, Second, and Third at Gulf Greyhound Park, claiming the Trifecta. I’d never seen a man so exuberant before that night. It must have been a big pay out, I was just a kid at the time, but I have clear memories of how excited he was.

The second memory comes from the first drifting event I ever attended, Formula Drift. Perfectly tuned cars with professional drivers expertly sliding in tandem around hairpin after hairpin, the sight of smoke, and the taste of rubber in the air, I can still taste it when I think about that day. It was a glorious day that I will never forget.

Those were the glory days of Houston’s long forgotten greyhound park.


Brighter days for the Gulf Greyhound Park may be ahead very soon though, as Houston Underground Races has been working in conjunction with 742 Marketing to bring their own brand of car shows to the expansive Gulf Greyhound Park parking lot. Named “Texas Illest”, this is the first production in the Houston market for the California-based brand.


Despite a closure of the southbound lanes of I-45, the main throughway to the venue, the first show attracted a healthy crowd of car clubs and enthusiasts that entered many unique rides in the show. From slammed trucks to wide-bodied imports to classic American muscle, there was plenty on display to keep the steady stream of spectators “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” throughout the show, oblivious to the steamy Texas afternoon. For the show participants themselves, in addition to having their builds praised by hundreds of onlookers and fellow car owners, there were also media opportunities, including a mobile automotive photo studio provided by DLG Media, giving an opportunity for their vehicles to be professionally photographed on location.


If their first showing is any indication of the type of event, Texas Illest will become, going forward, it’s something that Houston car enthusiasts should pencil onto their event calendars as a must-see! And if Texas Illest continues to make Gulf Greyhound Park its home, the long forgotten venue may begin to find its way back into the Houstonians’ minds as well.

Tommy Tang
Tommy Tang

Tommy Tang is a freelance photographer from Houston, Texas. While shooting for the athletic department, yearbook and newspaper at Texas A&M University, Tommy’s interest in general photography flourished in to a passion for portrait photography. Today, the travel enthusiast and lover of food continues to work in the realms of lifestyle and fashion photography.

“I just want to travel the world, eat tasty food, and take dope pictures.”
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