Taking a Risk! David Wills Leaves His Career to Pursue Fitness Modeling

“I have always been someone to maintain a positive outlook on life and attempt to see and make the best out of any situation.”  
David Wills

After learning he had cancer in one of his eyes, David Wills went through an emotional and mental journey that for many people would be devastating; however, David was able to overcome it by not falling victim to this unfortunate circumstance. With a strong, positive mindset, David underwent surgery to remove a third of the iris in his right eye to extract the cancer. He waited for results after the tumor was sent to the clinic to see if there were any traces left of cancer residing anywhere else in his body. During this time, he continued to stay positive, knowing that whatever the outcome, he would handle it.

David feels that even after going through this tough experience with cancer, that its not something to dwell upon. He feels that rather than focusing on having cancer, it is more important to share his thought process during that time and what can be done with the power of thought in any given situation.

It is the same type of thought process that led him to change career paths and seek a life in the fitness industry. As a former Ph.D. student David left the academic world, and headed to NYC to pursue his passion in fitness, modeling, and acting.

As a college professor while working towards his Ph.D, David began to slowly lose interest in an academic career and all that came with it. As interest began to fade in that pursuit, he gained a strong interest in fitness and modeling. Friends urged him to submit his pictures to a modeling agency which he did, and was almost immediately signed! However, since he was still working full time he was unable to book any modeling jobs. He really wanted to model but thought that it was something that couldnt be done as a serious career as an adult. He felt his time had passed.

After mentally struggling to go to work and school, David had an internal conversation. He had reached a point where he knew years later he would look back and say what ifif he didnt pursue his newfound passion. He wanted the change so badly but felt trapped. He had already chosen his career path, invested so many years and money, and didnt think he could just start from scratch and begin all over. He feared the reactions of others if he were to quit. He thought about his parents, who were so proud of everything he had accomplished. What would they think? This was his identity and people had expectations of him that he would break!

Despite all of the doubts and fears of failing David knew it was his life, Im the one that will have to live with the regret of chances I wanted to take but didnt have the courage to.

That is when he decided to go for it. Why couldn’t he start now? Why should his age prevent him from doing what he really wanted to do. He knew he could start today and make his future whatever he wanted it to be.

It wasnt long after the decision to quit school and head down this different path that he signed with Metabolic Nutrition as an ambassador, booked some modeling and acting jobs, and ended up on the covers of multiple romance novels.
By not settling for a life he didnt want, David is now exploring new opportunities and is extremely happy with all of his choices. He believes that everyone should always follow their heart and pursue the things they are passionate about. Its not so much about what career I wanted to pursue as it is living with the mindset to always strive to be the best version of myself, to pursue the things Im passionate about, to make memorable life experiences, and to live without regret.

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