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Houston Coffee and Cars November 2017

The beginning of November in Houston is usually when the temperatures start to drop. This past Saturday wasn’t quite the cooler weather I had hoped for, but at least it wasn’t the usual hot weather we had all Summer. Instead, we were greeted with some decent temperatures accompanied with foggy

Lamborghini Festival 2017

Once a year, the raging bulls come from all over the US to partake in the world’s largest Lamborghini gathering here in Houston, and it was time for them to gather once again this month. The Lamborghini Festival hosted by Scuderia Society takes place over three days at different venues;

Houston Coffee And Cars August 2017

With summer coming to an end, or perhaps with the school starting at the end of the month, this month’s turnout for Houston’s Coffee and Cars was the biggest one yet. Initially, I was a bit worried about the attendance as rain was in the forecast, but fortunately, that rain didn't

WannaGOFAST Ocala Florida

Ocala Florida isn't know for a lot of things, but we do have a few good car shows and events every year. Last year, I attended WannaGOFAST for the first time and it quickly rose to the top of my favorite local shows. I had been waiting in anticipation for

Festivals of Speed – Hallandale 2016

For a week I debated whether or not I was going to go to Festivals of Speed in Hallandale. I live in a small town in Central Florida, just north of Orlando, which meant it was going to be at least a four hour drive each way. Now I've driven

Lamborghini Festival 2016 – The Festival

All things have to come to an end, but that doesn’t mean endings are bad. The Festival held on Sunday at City Centre here in Houston wrapped up the three-day series of events for the 2016 Lamborghini Festival. And the venue was filled with spectators and Lamborghini's throughout the shopping center. For

Lamborghini Festival 2016 – Kick Off

Over the past five years, Houston has been graced with a festival dedicated to one of the most iconic brand of cars, Automobili Lamborghini, an event that also supports a good cause by benefiting Bennett's Bears. This year, Scuderia Society decided to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the legendary Lamborghini Miura in addition

Konner’s Car Show- Pocatello, ID 2016

When someone mentions Idaho, typically the first thing that pops into your mind is potatoes or Iowa (yes, people still get the two confused). Well obviously there is a lot more to Idaho than potatoes, and farm land. Here in Pocatello; we have a pretty close knit community, and we

2016 Las Vegas Red Rock Concours D’Elegance

This past weekend’s 2nd annual Las Vegas Red Rock Concours D'Elegance provided automotive enthusiasts an awesome escape from their indoor summer retreats. With sunny skies and temperatures in the 80's, this awesome car show served as a perfect excuse to spend the day outside!       The show was held at

Lamborghini Festival 2015

In 2004 Jorge Verdejo and Alfonso Zaza of Scuderia Society teamed up to bring an incredible event to Houston to celebrate one of the iconic brands of fine Italian automobiles. They created the Lamborghini Festival  as a way to showcase their passion for Italian rides and helping others. The event usually takes place over 3 days,