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Meet Southern Belle Heidi Jo

Models come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. This is definitely true with quirky and energetic southern belle Heidi Jo. Growing up participating in various pageants since the age of 3, she's no stranger to the stage and modeling has been a big part of her life. 6106

Igniting Modern Muscle with Amanda Sparks

The phrase, "good things come in small packages", rings true when referring to model Amanda Sparks. She may be small in stature, but besides being a model she is also a cosplayer and active car enthusiast. I guess you can say she is "the whole package". Based out of Florida, Amanda

Catching a Break with Missy Olivares

Missy isn’t just another glamour model, she’s done it all; from beauty and bridal shoots to commercial, TV, and runway modeling. When Missy isn’t swamped with modeling gigs, she spends her extra time doing what she loves, wake surfing. 2942

Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival 2016 – Sydney, Australia

Sydney Olympic Park recently hosted the 2016 Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival. The event was held in Sydney, Australia for the first time since its inception. The Rites of Passage Festival first commenced in Melbourne, VIC Australia 5 years ago and has been held annually since. Spekture was fortunate enough to

Meet Roshie, the Multi-Talented Model from Down Under

For our first international model, we couldn't just pick any model; we decided on South African born, fire breathing dragon model who also happens to be a pilot and an actress. Meet Roshie, who is also not a one trick pony (dragon?) when it comes to modeling. As you may have guessed,

Photographing Exotic Cars and Glamour Models

So if there one thing I get asked a lot, it's "Hey Nino, how do you go about shooting a car with a model?". Sadly, there simply isn't a short answer to such a question. For the most part, I think on my feet at these type of shoots, improvising

Staci Renee Helps Launch the Spekture Girl Series

Welcome to the Spekture Girl series, where Spekture Staff and Syrens work to feature the most beautiful and bad ass ladies out there, bestowing them with the designation Spekture Girl. Whether you're an aspiring model, a working promo girl, or maybe just the girl next door, Spekture wants to hear from you. We