Sarasota Cars & Coffee End of Summer 2019

As summer winds down in Florida this year, I’ve been anxious to get out and see what’s up with the local car shows in the Tampa Bay area where I reside. This year was extra anxious for me as I was watching the weather like a hawk following the path of Hurricane Dorian, wondering if there will be anything left to even have a car show? Fortunately, the gulf coast was completely unaffected. Our prayers go out to those in the Bahamas who were.

With the weather finally drying out, the winds dying down, and the temps reasonable (as opposed to the usual stifling Florida summer heat & humidity), I decided to check out the Cars & Coffee in Sarasota held at Suncoast Porsche at 5005 S Tamiami Trail. Taking place the second Saturday of every month from 8-10am, the show cars gather in the dealership parking lot at the corner of Phillippi St.

I showed up a few minutes after 8:00am to find about a hundred cars already present. You definitely don’t want to sleep in if you want to take in everything, as people did come and go. It was a perfect morning being 75 degrees (24C) and sunny for car fanatics to gather with a diverse mixture of about 200 cars showing up.

There was an AMC AMX Spirit and a late model ZL1 Camaro, so with a mixture of everything in between, you really could say there was everything from A to Z! Porsches new & old, Ferraris, classic muscle cars, and some seriously cool vintage imports were on display. What’s really awesome is it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what your automotive aficionado taste is, if your car is a work in progress, or you’re just an enthusiast with an everyday car, everyone is welcome at Cars & Coffee!

Some of my favorites from the show — as can be seen above, were these two beautiful vintage Porsches and a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 in a killer shade of blue. Be sure to stop by in October, as the weather will be even better, and you can even cruise downtown Sarasota’s Bayfront drive and take in the great views!

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