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May the 4th Be With You!

∑t. Everyone knows the movie, games, and lore around George Lucas’ creation. Many of us where children when we were exposed to one of the various chapters of this universe and were immediately taken by the expansive universe surrounding it.

1977 predates even my life, but I’ll never forget the first time I watched Episode IV: A New Hope during a Thanksgiving special in the mid 80s. I remember having dry mouth because my jaw dropped the entire movie. What was this amazing universe?! IS THIS REAL LIFE!? Where can I get a light saber!?!? I have an uncle named Ben…..OMG!! IS MY REAL NAME LUKE!?!? Yes, these were all legitimate questions and thoughts I had as a child.

Even in adulthood I remember going to the theater for Episode I: A Phantom Menace and just nerding out in line next to a fully dressed Chewbacca and several jedi thanks to all the wonderful toys released for the start of the prequels. So what does all this have to do with May 4th?

Nothing! Except for the fact that “May the 4th be with you” flows ever so nicely off the tongue in this context. It has been embraced by Star Wars fans globally. This very set of photos created by Naokigraphics featuring the 501st Legion and our own Spekture Syren Julaporn Mercado.

Jubei of Naokigraphics tends to head down the path of composite imagery and high visual appeal while the 501st are known for stellar high caliber attention to detail in their costuming. Couple that with the dynamic talents of our own Syren, Julaporn, and you will enjoy some images from this collaboration to celebrate 2017’s May the 4th fan celebration. Check out everyone that was involved.

Photographer: Jubei Mercado of Naokigraphics

Role/Model Name/501st Legion Number:

The 501st Legion FB

The 501st Legion Website

Darth Vader – Roger Valles / SL-77770
Seventh Sister – Bella Nocturnus / DS-81582
Stormtrooper #1 – Jason Maston / TK-75201
Stormtrooper #2 – Asia Cirigliana Maston / TK-66943
Kylo Ren – Edward Salazar

Jedi – Spekture Syren Julaporn Mercado (FB) / (IG)

Background renders provided by Donny Versiga
Find more of Donny’s work HERE.

I don’t know about you all, but I definitely admire the work that goes into this caliber of costuming and the energy behind it as well as seeing shots just like Kylo Ren being starstruck by his idol Darth Vader. LOVE IT!


Find the remainder of this gallery at Jubei’s gallery on 500px HERE.

“Images used with permission of Jubei Mercado of Naokigraphics.”

Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar is a professional photographer of 15+ years based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who specializes in candid photography and the human condition while not being afraid to approach any subject matter beyond that. Michael is extremely resourceful and loves logistics. He is a prior service Army mechanic of 6 years, an official Subaru Ambassador, and is an avid supporter and contributor to any local charities that fixate on children, teachers, or vets.

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