Kristen Strout Has a Need For Speed!

One of Florida’s busiest models, Kristen Strout — or as her online fans affectionately know her as: R1 Vette Babe, is gorgeous, but a tomboy at heart. She’s a hard rocking bad ass with a need for speed, but sweet and really down to earth; just as likely to spend a quiet night at home with her dogs as she is a day at one of Florida’s biggest motorsports events or car shows. You could say she defies all stereotypes of what a beautiful woman is and what is not.


While keeping an eye out for potential Spekture Girls and in getting to know her, it became obvious to me that she rivals most guys out there in her enthusiasm for all things gearhead related. If you see a blur of charcoal grey & baby blue drive past you in Florida, that’s Kristen!  Doing this interview, I found it difficult to quickly describe her, as she’s such a dichotomy.  But then it hit me – she’s every guy’s dream girl!


Modeling Name: Kristen Strout

Age: 30

Location: Melbourne, FL

Social Media: Instagram @R1_vette_babe23

Height: 5’3”

Birthplace: Portsmouth, VA








Photos: Bernie Smith


Spekture!: How long have you been modeling? 

Kristen Strout:  About 12 years  


S!: What are some things you dislike/hate about the industry?  

Kristen: I hate the negative stigma attached to models and social media! I wish people were able to see the real me and know that I’m nothing like most models! I’m not high maintenance, I don’t care about materialistic things (other than my Vette and bike lol) and I’m down to earth, smart, fun, and a Tomboy 


S!: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?  

Kristen: It definitely makes dating very difficult! Guys say they want to date a model ’til they date a model. I totally understand though, it would be hard to deal with. There has to be trust!  


S!: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?   

Kristen: I love it because I get to be a girl and actually do my hair and makeup! Lol I also love that I get to travel, I can create my own schedule, and I get to do something different every time. And I love getting to meet new people! 



S!: What do you dislike about modeling?  

Kristen: For some reason, I don’t really like photo shoots. I feel kind of awkward in front of a camera. But I love getting the photos back after!  


S!: How much do you know about cars? 

Kristen: I actually know quite a bit. Like I said I was a tomboy growing up and I have loved cars since I was young. My dad taught me all the basics and I have learned a lot more along the way because of my passion for cars.


S!: What car do you currently own?  

Kristen: I own a Honda Accord, and my pride and joy a C7 Corvette!  



S!: What is your dream car?   

Kristen: This is corny but true, my C7 Corvette is honestly my dream car! I would take it over a Ferrari or Lambo any day! I have always loved Corvettes and the design of the new C7 is flawless in my eyes!  


S!: What’s your favorite thing to eat and why?   

Kristen: I absolutely love sushi! I could honestly eat it every day!  


S!: What’s your favorite part of your body?   

Kristen: Probably my smile or my eyes! 


S!: Tell us about any interesting hobbies you have. 

Kristen: I played in the Lingerie Football League and I love to workout, play beach volleyball, ride my Yamaha R1, make homemade cards, sing karaoke, and paint!  



S!: If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?  

Kristen: I would travel to as many places as I could and do any adrenaline rushing activities that I could, such as fly in a fighter jet, go bungee jumping, drive an Indy car, etc!  


S!: Where do you call home?  

 Kristen: Central Florida 


S!: What drink would you order at the bar?   

Kristen: Wine, or Captain & Coke, or vodka – Red Bull if I’m tired.



S!: What kind of music gets you moving the most?   

Kristen: I am definitely a rocker chick! It just gets me really pumped up! I love bands like Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, 5FDP, Bullet for my Valentine, etc. 


S!: Have you any interest or experience in the automotive scene?  

Kristen: SEMA and car shows/races are definitely my favorite jobs to work!  


S!: What type of motorsports events do you enjoy attending most (i.e. NASCAR, Formula Drift, AMA Supercross)?   

Kristen: I’m not a big NASCAR fan. I’m more of an Indy car and MotoGP fan! ☺ 


S!: Which feature on your body gets the most attention?   

Kristen: Definitely my boobs since I got them redone! For all those who ask, Dr. Choi in Orlando is amazing!  



S!: Who/what inspired you to get into modeling?   

Kristen: I never planned on it. I got made fun of in school and was a tomboy and never really did my hair and makeup. Then once I was about 19 a lot of people told me I should be a model, but I thought I was too short. I kinda started by just doing bikini contests and finally built up my social media to where height wasn’t really an issue. 


S!: What is your secret to staying in shape?   

Kristen: I have been bad about the gym and diet lately, but I always try to eat small portions at least. 


S!: Have you done any mods to your Vette and R1?

Kristen: My bike has full Toce Exhaust, BMC Racing air filter, Power Commander tuner, baby blue powder coated rims and levers, and a lot of carbon fiber upgrades. My Vette has Corsa exhaust, a cold air intake, baby blue coated calipers, emblems and hash marks painted to match, and a carbon fiber roof, etc. My car and my bike match! ☺ 


S!: Have you ever had your car or bike on the track?   

Kristen: I haven’t had my personal car or bike on the track… I would need sponsors, I can’t afford going through brakes and tires. I have driven a couple cars on a track though. Still haven’t been on a bike on the track but I would love to!!


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