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Import Face-Off Baytown Feb 2017

Import Face-off is a hybrid car show and race event that travels the United States to various cities. Twice a year, IFO makes a stop at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown just outside Houston, which usually takes place in February and September.  This past Sunday marked the date for the first one out of the two. The morning started off with some chance of rain and a heavy fog, however this didn’t stop the event from happening.

Many arrived earlier in the morning to step up and get ready for the track or the display area of the car show. I on the other hand slept in a bit  before getting my ride ready to make the trek out to Baytown. For the car show portion of the event, rides had to be registered before 2pm, which I made it a little after 1pm. I usually head out earlier, but the clouds were not looking very promising where I was so I waited a bit. Once I finally arrived, it was a bit cloudy around the racetrack but no rain in sight. I parked my ride in the full display area and started cleaning it up with my son, he tagged along to check out some of the rides out here.  I just missed fellow staffers Elena and Audra as they were here earlier getting some photos for coverage.

After the ride was ready, I made my way around to snap a few photos and headed to the track. After watching a few races, one of the rides had a mishap and ended the track’s action for a bit while they cleared it. At this time my son and I headed back to the car show area to continue my coverage. While I was taking photos of the various rides out here, my son did the same with his phone. While I took a photo of every car in the show area, he snapped photos of his favorites, one was the “Miku Evo” parked in the first row.

Once I was done, I grabbed my drone for it’s first official flight. I ended up having to do an update so we waited for about 30 minutes before it finally took flight. By this time the wind had picked up a bit making it harder for the drone to fly around. After a few passes, I brought it back down and grabbed my camera to take a few more shots. We stuck around till trophy time to see who won this years awards and made our way out after that.

Advent Works: Import Face-Off Baytown Feb 2017 &emdash; Advent Works: Import Face-Off Baytown Feb 2017 &emdash; Advent Works: Import Face-Off Baytown Feb 2017 &emdash;

I was surprise to see how many rides came out to this year’s year, more than I expected especially with the sketchy weather. It was another great show out here in Baytown, this is a good event to check out some modified imports and a few other types as well, or even watch some action down the drag strip. Why not check out both aspects of the event? There’s also some dyno runs and sound competitions during the event. We will see you back out here in September, stay tuned!

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