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Houston Coffee & Cars January 2018

2018 couldn’t have started off better than with one of Houston’s largest car events: Houston Coffee and Cars. Typically held on the first Saturday of each month at Memorial City Mall, boy did it start off the new year with a bang!

Alex Ventura: Houston Coffee & Cars January 2018 &emdash; IMG_0913

When I finally arrived at the mall’s parking lot, it was filled with cars and spectators with huge attendance. I ended up having to park farther away from the display area than I usually do, arriving moments before the starting time of 8 A.M. I grabbed my camera and made my way to the main display area in front of the mall’s food court to check out what special vehicles were set on display up front. The featured ride was still under wraps and to be unveiled later, so I strolled around the area to start my coverage.

Alex Ventura: Houston Coffee & Cars January 2018 &emdash; IMG_0930

The main area was completely packed with spectators admiring all the rides on display. I was able to get a few shots of some of the rides that caught my attention and that didn’t have a crowd blocking the view. I soon proceeded to the overflow area and walked around there for a few more snaps —  even this area had heavy traffic of people walking around! I decided to focus a bit less on photos and hung out with a few friends that I came across, passing some of the time. I even spotted local cosplayer Amouranth walking around in the crowd doing some live vlogging.

Alex Ventura: Houston Coffee & Cars January 2018 &emdash; IMG_0960

Alex Ventura: Houston Coffee & Cars January 2018 &emdash; IMG_1003

After some time, I noticed the crowd in the front area increased so I know the featured ride must have been uncovered. I took a few more shots and continued to walk around to give it some time for the crowd around the car to dissipate. Yeah, that didn’t happen, so I proceeded to make my way to the Hennessey Venom F5 in hopes of being able to get some good shots. I ended up being able to squeeze my way through and eventually to inside the barrier area to snag some photos of the Venom F5 along with the Pagani Huayra. Afterwards, ending time was approaching and most of the other rides began to make their exit, so I decided to head out as well (as I had plans right after the event). This was a spectacular start for the new year. Hopefully, I will see you at the next one!

Alex Ventura
I grew up around american muscle working on cars with my dad, but by the time they were ready to get me a car, they wanted something reliable and good on gas. Picked up my first civic and started modded years back which introduced to the import scene. I still have a soft spot for some old school american muscle.

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