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Houston Coffee and Cars July 2017

Over the holiday weekend, Houston Coffee & Cars returned to Memorial City Mall parking lot for this month’s gathering. With holidays, you never know how that could change the size as some people travel. I wasn’t sure if it would be bigger or smaller, or maybe no change at all.

Advent Works: Houston Coffee & Cars July 2017 &emdash;

Advent Works: Houston Coffee & Cars July 2017 &emdash;

I woke up Saturday morning ready to join the meet, I headed down south and arrived just after starting time. I ended up parking my ride in the distance to avoid getting trapped in the traffic lines later while trying to exit. I waited a little while for fellow staffer Andrew Ruiz to join me before heading the to the main area of the event.

Advent Works: Houston Coffee & Cars July 2017 &emdash;


We made our way along with several other people just arriving into the masses checking out all the rides. I figured this time it might be a bit difficult to navigate through and snap photos as there were a lot of people. Looks like the holiday didn’t change much of the attendance out here, if anything it may of increased it a bit. Andrew and I went our separate directions to try to cover the event but it was a bit challenging at times, not to mention the sun beaming down on all of us making it a very hot morning.


Advent Works: Houston Coffee & Cars July 2017 &emdash;

I maneuvered around the crowds of people to try to get shots of the rides that stood out in my eye or ones that I don’t see too often. A few of the rides I waited a while to see if enough room would open up to snag a quick snap. Unfortunately some of the rides I just had to skip over as people were chatting amongst friends and fellow car enthusiasts around those rides. Depending on how the conversation and how many people are in the areas, I interrupted a few asking for an opening to shoot.


A little after 9 am a large cloud moved in and block the sun for a bit providing some shade, but that didn’t last for the rest of the event. It was a much-needed relief from the sun. About this time, I started heading over to the overflow areas to see what rides were out in those sections. A lot of the rides had already started clearing out, but I proceeded through to see what gems I could discover. I returned to the main area where I met back up with Andrew and talked with a few people there for the remained of the event. Next month’s event may be the hottest one for the year but expect to see a lot of people still out there, see you then!

Alex Ventura
I grew up around american muscle working on cars with my dad, but by the time they were ready to get me a car, they wanted something reliable and good on gas. Picked up my first civic and started modded years back which introduced to the import scene. I still have a soft spot for some old school american muscle.
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