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Car & Driver Magazine/ M1 Concourse Cars & Coffee

Carl Jones Photography: Car & Driver &emdash; Car & Driver magazine along with it’s sister publication Road & Track are two of the most well respected automotive publications in the US if not the word. Last year Car & Driver hosted a Cars & Coffee event at their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. It rained that day, but they still managed to have quite a gathering. Fast forward to July 2016, when it was announced that Car & Driver would be having a series of Cars & Coffee gatherings at the new M1 Concourse in Pontiac, MI.

Carl Jones Photography: Car & Driver &emdash; M1 Concourse is the new auto enthusiast destination with private garages, a 1.5-mile performance track, and a huge skidpad where this event took place this past Saturday. Even though the official grand opening for M1 takes place in August during Woodward Dream Cruise weekend, they’ve been extremely busy hosting various tack days, festivals, and not to mention their own Cars & Coffee which drew a huge crowd on the first day.

Carl Jones Photography: Car & Driver &emdash; On a day where temperatures were quite similar to what my fellow Spekture friends get down in Texas, it was imperative to go early. Getting to the site a little before the 8am kickoff, there were quite a few cars and spectators on site already. As I made my way down to the skidpad, cars of all types were rolling in, from hot rods, to muscle cars, to modern exotics. It was nice to see various dealerships, car clubs, and OEMs bring out cars to display. Also the hospitality from Car & Driver and a variety of vendors made this an event that will continue to be a hit amongst car enthusiast.

I’ll be covering more events in August as Roadkill Nights makes it’s way to M1 Concourse during Dream Cruse Weekend.

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