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Your Photography and Digital editing Degree from the University of YouTube

You have most likely been living beneath a rock if the explosion of digital photography and the associated social media, YouTube, and Vimeo accounts geared towards the discipline has passed you by.

A self-taught photographer myself, I’ve spent many a late night searching through platforms for information on gear, editing tips, and workflow and file management methods in an attempt to build on my knowledge, and still revisit many sites to keep abreast and updated on new gear and methods.

But amongst all the content readily available online, how does one differentiate between good and bad information and advice? Of course, information on photography can be sourced from many channels, but we at Spekture have taken the time to compile the below list of trusted and knowledgeable content creators to help you keep up-to-date and fast-track your learning!


Nino Batista – Nino is a photographer, digital editor, and content creator who has a never-ending library of photo editing tutorials for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One. Having shot for Playboy, Vanquish, and providing content for F Stoppers and other online publications (including Spekture!), Nino knows his stuff and happily shares a wealth of his knowledge on his YouTube channel. He also has a paid subscription service for those wanting to take their editing even further.


Fro Knows Photo (Jared Polin) – Love him or hate him “The Fro” divides opinion across the photography landscape. What you can’t ignore or deny is that Jared has built a solid following on the back of consistent quality content. His now-fortnightly podcast and regular video series provide great insight into the industry and provides great tips, as well as informative tutorials and gear news. His team includes video producer Todd Wolfe and audio technician Stephen Eckert who add a further level of technical know-how.


Jessica Kobeissi – Whilst Jessica has had a growing online presence since 2013, I’ve only recently discovered her channel. Jessica’s insights into fashion photography, portraiture, and editing are entertaining. Her knowledge and skill with Photoshop adds a further dimension to her videos. Other content offers an insight into the business side of Photography also.


Weekly Imogen (Mark Wilkinson & Imogen Rhiannon) – Portraiture and model photography tips from model Imogen, who has a long-standing association with photographer Mark Wilkinson. The English pair have created “Weekly Imogen” a weekly vlog which provides entertaining and educational photography tutorials drawing on their joint experience as both model and photographer.


Trevor Jolin – Trevor is a commercial automotive photographer, specializing in exotic car and dealership work. His work is world class and his video content provides an overview on how he achieves his exceptionally dramatic and detailed images. While his catalog of videos is perhaps not as vast, his workmanship and final product means you should really check him out.


Chase Jarvis – Co-founder of CreativeLive, Chase is an award-winning American photographer, director, artist, and entrepreneur. His YouTube channel provides more of an insight into his business activities, entrepreneurship, and management / self-management content, but regularly touches on the challenges we all face as photographers and creatives in today’s business landscape.


Fstoppers – While more of a collective than an individual, their editors and writing team, lead by co-founders Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, provide a stack of content in video. Gear reviews, and news stories, as well as their “Critique the Community” series, which offers plenty to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Blake Curtis
Blake Curtis

Blake is a freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia, focused on motorsport, glamour and commercial photography projects.

Having been involved in motorsport from the age of 11, Blake stepped away from racing to pursue interests behind the camera lens.

Blake holds CAMS photography accreditation for motorsport events within Australia, and has also photographed motorsport events internationally. Blake provides event coverage alongside his photography online here at Spekture.
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