The Car Show on Eastern – Henderson, NV

Having lived in Las Vegas for 18 years, I’ve seen the local car scene go through cycles of varying levels of interest and enthusiasm. Even though the city hosts some very prominent events such as a NASCAR race, two NHRA races, and the SEMA convention every year, it’s never seen quite the same intensity on a grassroots level that I’ve seen in other places such as my home town of Columbus, OH, or especially that of Reno, NV during Hot August Nights.

Attending a local car show in the Vegas suburb of Henderson a couple weekends ago left me with much assurance and optimism that the car scene in Vegas is on the right path ready to thrive with an impressive display of cars that showed up at the Car Show on Eastern.

The Car Show on Eastern is a small informal gathering of enthusiasts held every Saturday morning from 7am to 10am in the parking lot of Twin Peaks restaurant on South Eastern Ave a couple blocks south of the 215 Freeway south of Las Vegas in Henderson, NV. The show is hosted and organized by Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas.  This location has been home to similar shows for an number of years, but it was this past October of 2016 that it officially became known as “The Car Show on Eastern”.

A wide variety of cars showed up with people almost constantly coming and going it’s hard to say exactly how many vehicles were present, but approximately 150 would be my guess. Everything from late model exotics, to motorcycles, to street rods, to original muscle cars made an appearance.

Here’s a sampling of some of the cooler rides in attendance I was able to capture:


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