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Texas Furry Fiesta 2019

Earlier this year, my daughter and I ventured up north to downtown Dallas for the weekend to attend Texas Furry Fiesta, which was held at the Hyatt Regency. Now, this wasn’t my first time seeing furries since we have attended several comic and anime conventions in the past, but this was the first time going to a convention specifically for furries.

Alex Ventura: Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 &emdash; TFF-2019-IMG_0550

What is a “furry” you ask? Well, I can put it this way, a furry is an anthropomorphic animal character. In other words, an animal character with human personalities and characteristics. If you are into sports, they are similar to some of the animal mascots some teams have. The majority of these furry cosplayers wear partial to full fursuits or sometimes just a fursuit head of their animal character. Others may wear tails, animal ears or horns, gloves, and some other accessories to add more animal characteristics to their look.

For this con, my daughter created her own character and her first partial suit consisting of the fursuit head and tail which she wore on Friday. For our start at the con, we walked around the hotel to get familiar with the layout and see what the show was all about. After a little while, I began taking pictures of some of the cosplayers. It’s crazy how unique each of these fursuits is and the detail that goes into them, not to mention the personas that come with these characters.

Alex Ventura: Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 &emdash; TFF-2019-IMG_0591

We decided not to stay too much longer for the first day, instead, we headed out to get dinner and get settled into the hotel. Little did I know my daughter was planning to stay up late to work on completing her fur sleeves and shoes for the next day!

We had a little bit of a plan for day two, but we ended up with a much later start so I, err, I mean, she, could get some additional sleep in. Since we arrived later, the nearby parking lots were full and we had a small trek in the cold wind back to the hotel. It was a lot colder than we were expecting for the end of March, but the colder weather was welcomed by those in fursuits all day. Wearing a fursuit can get pretty warm, so of course, there were plenty of breaks between activities inside the hotel. Besides taking photos of others, we attended a great panel around building your own fursuits, shopping in the dealer’s den followed by some time in the fursuit playground, and then we wrapped up our day with the dance competition (spoiler alert, I didn’t win).

Alex Ventura: Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 &emdash; TFF-2019-IMG_0637 Alex Ventura: Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 &emdash; TFF-2019-IMG_1010

For the last day of the con, we managed to get parking much closer to the hotel so we didn’t have to worry about the long walk. My little fursuiter was also getting more into character and opening up a bit more. We spent some time walking around the con to see what new furries were around and to relax a bit more. We did visit the fursuit playground several times where my daughter played around for some time.

For our first furry convention, we enjoyed our visit. I would say there isn’t a huge difference from other conventions, just more specialized around furries and fursuits. Texas Furry Fiesta has made our list to attend again next year, see you then!

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