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Slammedenuff Texas 2017

August 13 marked the date for Slammedenuff to return to Texas to host their car show. This year, the show came down to Austin instead of returning to Dallas. As the event date approached, I was still contemplating whether or not I should attend the event. I finally decided on

Hot Import Nights Houston, TX 2016

It’s been some time since I drove my Veloster out to a meet, or even a car show. So when Hot Import Nights returned to Houston back in December, I registered my ride to be in the show. Success, the little Veloster was approved so I purchased the car registration

SEMA 2016 and Exploring Vegas

Rachel File | Spekture | SEMA 2016

They say "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," but that no longer applies when the SEMA show is in town. Last month, I took a trip to the City of Sin for an all-out barrage of ten foot tall pick-up trucks, diesel converted lead sleds and the intoxicating smoke of tire-decimating drifting events that

Hot Import Nights (HIN) Tampa 2016

I've been photographing/writing for Spekture magazine for only a short amount of time now but it has already afforded me some great opportunities to check out some car shows and cultures that I haven't been too familiar with. Last week I drove to Miami to check out Festivals of Speed,

Slamfest 2016

“What is a Slamfest?” That is the question I usually get asked every year when I talk about my previous weekend’s event with coworkers, friends, and family. Agreed, it might not be evident by the name if you aren’t familiar with the culture. I would then explain it’s an outdoor truck

Hot Import Nights Houston, TX 2015

Back in December, I headed back to George R. Brown Convention Center to attend Hot Import Nights, which was one of the last car shows for 2015 here in Houston. I arrived right at the starting time of the event, grabbed my pass and walked in before they started to

Wekfest Texas 2015

Time sure does fly by, and with the last few months being pretty busy some things got left behind. One of the things that got forgotten was my coverage of the Wekfest Texas car show that was hosted back in the middle of October here in Houston. As I was

StanceNation Texas 2015

It was finally time, StanceNation returned to Houston with their StanceNation Texas 2015 car show back in August. I headed down to NRG Park Center to check out the car show and all the rides there. I arrived to the parking lot to see lots of rides outside, even some nice