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Saint Petersburg Florida Cars &Coffee

Having relocated to the Tampa Bay area of Florida from Las Vegas this past fall, I’ve been eager to get out of the house and do some sightseeing... especially to check out what the local car scene is like. A couple weekends before Christmas, I finally found some free time

Igniting Modern Muscle with Amanda Sparks

The phrase, "good things come in small packages", rings true when referring to model Amanda Sparks. She may be small in stature, but besides being a model she is also a cosplayer and active car enthusiast. I guess you can say she is "the whole package". Based out of Florida, Amanda

Hot Import Nights (HIN) Tampa 2016

I've been photographing/writing for Spekture magazine for only a short amount of time now but it has already afforded me some great opportunities to check out some car shows and cultures that I haven't been too familiar with. Last week I drove to Miami to check out Festivals of Speed,

Festivals of Speed – Hallandale 2016

For a week I debated whether or not I was going to go to Festivals of Speed in Hallandale. I live in a small town in Central Florida, just north of Orlando, which meant it was going to be at least a four hour drive each way. Now I've driven

Slamfest 2016

“What is a Slamfest?” That is the question I usually get asked every year when I talk about my previous weekend’s event with coworkers, friends, and family. Agreed, it might not be evident by the name if you aren’t familiar with the culture. I would then explain it’s an outdoor truck