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San Japan 2017

San Japan X marked the 10 year anniversary of the annual Japanese culture and anime convention held in San Antonio, Texas. I have never attended this con before but it was recommended, so I decided I should go check it out. Unfortunately the aftermath of hurricane Harvey meant many parts

AnimeFest 2017

Saturday morning of August 19, 2017, I had a bumpy start for my departure to Dallas. I was initially planning to leave the day before to join the activities Friday night but I had to finish some work before heading out. After wrapping up my work, I crashed for the night and planned

Delta H Con 2017

August 20, 2016, My family and I found ourselves out and about Houston when we made a stop at a ramen shop for dinner. While eating, I noticed a small group of people enjoying their ramen in cosplay. I love cosplay, so being curious I made my way over and

Anime Austin 2017

In my never-ending quest for more conventions to attend this year, I discovered Anime Austin. This was the first time I had heard of this convention, which is focused on anime and Japanese pop culture. After coming across this exciting discovery, I hit up their website to find more info

How to Improve your Cosplay Photography in 4 easy steps

As artists, we are looking to tell a story -- a tale, if you will, of the subject that we are photographing.  We sometimes find ourselves in a less-than-perfect environment that doesn’t lend itself to a stellar picture.  So, it’s our job to create that environment, to find the diamond

Alamo City Comic Con 2017

While searching for more comic and anime conventions to attend, I came across Alamo City Comic Con located in… you guessed it, San Antonio (for those of you who guessed "Alamo City" no marks!), but if you're from Texas, you should of guessed correctly. Unfortunately it was over a holiday weekend

Comicpalooza 2017

I was still feeling energized from my last Anime convention, and I was looking forward to my next con. Fortunately for me, my entire family enjoys going to comic conventions too, even though it’s been awhile since we have all been able to go at once. Since they all missed out

May the 4th Be With You!

∑t. Everyone knows the movie, games, and lore around George Lucas' creation. Many of us where children when we were exposed to one of the various chapters of this universe and were immediately taken by the expansive universe surrounding it. 1977 predates even my life, but I'll never forget the first

Anime Matsuri 2017

Anime Matsuri XI has come and gone. Now, for many of us, it’s time to start counting down 'til next year’s convention. Not sure what Anime Matsuri is? Well ‘matsuri’ is a Japanese word meaning "festivals," and Anime Matsuri is Houston's largest anime and Japanese culture convention, held annually for

2016 Anime Matsuri

Recently I found myself going through the massive catalog of photos I have in search for a particular set of photos. I stumbled across a complete album of photos that were never processed and publish. They were from last year’s Anime Matsuri convention. With this years beginning tomorrow, I figured

Reactor 2016

Earlier this year, we hosted our second car show. This time the show was partnered with Anime Matsuri, Texas’ largest anime convention. Anime Matsuri has been running for a while now, and each year there’s a car show combined with the con previously called Import Reactor.  Since we were hosting

Reactor Car Show 2016

Our first show of the year was a success! Sweat pouring, knuckles bruised, and necks broke we wanted to make sure we got you the coverage that you wanted. After Alex and I got to into downtown Houston, we had experienced a heavy traffic jam and some car issues, with