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Houston Coffee and Cars November 2017

The beginning of November in Houston is usually when the temperatures start to drop. This past Saturday wasn’t quite the cooler weather I had hoped for, but at least it wasn’t the usual hot weather we had all Summer. Instead, we were greeted with some decent temperatures accompanied with foggy

Sydney Cars & Coffee October 2017

Warm weather, clear skies, and sunshine! As we come to the end of October, the weather continues to impress as we move on from a mild Spring and into Summer "Down-Under" here in Australia. The Sydney Cars and Coffee event was scheduled again at Jones Bay Wharf for the second

Houston Coffee & Cars September 2017

With all the destruction that Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding brought to Houston, the monthly Houston Coffee & Cars was delayed a week from their usual first Saturday of the month schedule. Along with the re-schedule, the staff also turned the event into a Harvey relief drive to help

May 2017 Las Vegas Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday morning from 7-10am south of the Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas’s official Cars and Coffee takes place. I’ve been planning on attending this event for some time, but it wasn’t until the last weekend in May that I was able to attend. With the crazy weather Sin City

Houston Coffee And Cars June 2017

Originally, I had planned to bring my Hyundai Veloster out to the monthly Houston Coffee and Cars gathering at Memorial City Mall.  Well, plans quickly changed a few days before and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it at all. Morning of the event, I was in fact

Houston Coffee and Cars May 2017

After missing last month’s Houston Coffee and Cars gathering, I returned to Memorial City Mall to partake in this month’s meeting and see what all would be on display. As I walked out of the house that Saturday morning, I was greeted with an unseasonably cold breeze for May, in

Houston Coffee and Cars March 2017

Recently, there has been a trend of cooler temperatures in Houston for the first weekend of January and February. March seemed like it continued the trend with the temperatures dropping for the monthly car gathering held at Memorial City Mall.  Hopefully this trends continues through summer with cooler days for one of Houston's largest

Houston Coffee and Cars February 2017

It was once again time for the monthly Coffee and Cars event here in Houston, and with the city also hosting this year's Super Bowl, I was curious to see what it would draw in as far as out-of-town visitors and their rides. The sky looked clear with no chance

Cars and Coffee Albuquerque, NM

During my travels to other cities, there's one thing I like to do if I have the time, and that is to check out the local car scene. This past weekend, a few friends and I made the journey up north to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the weekend. Before arriving,

Houston Coffee and Cars November 2016

Well it is that time again...Houston Coffee and Cars make us wait an entire month, but wow do they deliver. Whether you attend every month, or you just make an occasional visit every year, there will be something there to peak your interest. Take a stroll around and you will

Houston Coffee and Cars October 2016

The Friday hangover may be lingering in your system, or you just awoke from the best sleep of your life (I won't tell you which one I was), but there is no better way to kickoff a Saturday than grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, getting some breakfast in your

Cars and Coffee Dallas February 2016

This is bit of a throwback, but I had the chance to go to the Plano Cars and Coffee last February, and let me tell you, if you can make it, this is one Cars and Coffee that is very worth the trip!! This show was massive, at least 800 cars made

Car & Driver Magazine/ M1 Concourse Cars & Coffee

Car & Driver magazine along with it’s sister publication Road & Track are two of the most well respected automotive publications in the US if not the word. Last year Car & Driver hosted a Cars & Coffee event at their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. It rained that day,

FCA Design Cars & Coffee July

For a car enthusiast there’s nothing better than heading out on the weekend to mingle with other car enthusiast. The cars and coffee craze has continued to grow over the years, and here in the Michigan its no different. We have a limited time to enjoy our car season due