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Hot Import Nights Sydney December 2017

For the first time in Australia, the highly-successful and globally-renowned American brand Hot Import Nights (HIN) ventured Down-Under to Sydney, Australia on Sunday 10th December at Sydney Olympic Park. I attended the event for Spekture to see how the show panned out and to experience first hand the sights and sounds of the inaugural

Sydney Cars & Coffee October 2017

Warm weather, clear skies, and sunshine! As we come to the end of October, the weather continues to impress as we move on from a mild Spring and into Summer "Down-Under" here in Australia. The Sydney Cars and Coffee event was scheduled again at Jones Bay Wharf for the second

Texas Showdown 2017

The car scene in Houston is as diverse as its population. One weekend you can find yourself at a car meet full of luxury sports cars, and the next, at a car show filled with exotic imports. On this specific June weekend, I found myself at Texas Showdown, surrounded by

Texas Illest 2017

I have two distinct memories of Gulf Greyhound Park in Houston, Texas. The first, is of my uncle leaping over two rows of bleachers in celebration, as his dogs finished First, Second, and Third at Gulf Greyhound Park, claiming the Trifecta. I'd never seen a man so exuberant before that night.

Oz Nats – Sydney, 2017

As the warmer months of summer dwindle here in Australia, disappointment slowly sets in amongst motoring enthusiasts. Many are forced to accept the realisation that the end of car show and event season is upon us! Whilst many of the circuit racing and professional race championships are still in full

Import Face-Off Topeka April 2017

Topeka, Kansas has not seen an Import Face-Off (IFO) event since 2013 when the track, Heartland Park, was closed due to lack of ownership. Heartland Park was bought again a few years later and began hosting events and throwing money at the road course and other areas that needed a

2017 Chrome in the Dome

Here in Southeast Idaho, we kick off every spring with the annual 'Chrome in the Dome' car show which takes place in the Holt Arena of Idaho State University. The only enclosed collegiate stadium in the U.S. Each year hundreds of car and bike owners come from all over Idaho, Utah,

Anime Matsuri 2017

Anime Matsuri XI has come and gone. Now, for many of us, it’s time to start counting down 'til next year’s convention. Not sure what Anime Matsuri is? Well ‘matsuri’ is a Japanese word meaning "festivals," and Anime Matsuri is Houston's largest anime and Japanese culture convention, held annually for

The Car Show on Eastern – Henderson, NV

Having lived in Las Vegas for 18 years, I’ve seen the local car scene go through cycles of varying levels of interest and enthusiasm. Even though the city hosts some very prominent events such as a NASCAR race, two NHRA races, and the SEMA convention every year, it’s never seen

2017 10th Anniversary Vegas Shelby Bash

This year’s Shelby Bash was a resounding success! Held from March 8th to March 12th, this was the 10th anniversary of a gathering of owners and fans of the cars of Carroll Shelby from all over the world. A number of VIP’s and celebrities even attended the event, among them

WannaGOFAST Ocala Florida

Ocala Florida isn't know for a lot of things, but we do have a few good car shows and events every year. Last year, I attended WannaGOFAST for the first time and it quickly rose to the top of my favorite local shows. I had been waiting in anticipation for

Import Face-Off Baytown Feb 2017

Import Face-off is a hybrid car show and race event that travels the United States to various cities. Twice a year, IFO makes a stop at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown just outside Houston, which usually takes place in February and September.  This past Sunday marked the date for the

Hot Import Nights Houston, TX 2016

It’s been some time since I drove my Veloster out to a meet, or even a car show. So when Hot Import Nights returned to Houston back in December, I registered my ride to be in the show. Success, the little Veloster was approved so I purchased the car registration

Goodguys 24th Lonestar Nationals

Hey guys! Spencer Newman here with some more car show coverage! This October I had the pleasure of attending the Goodguys 24th annual Lonestar Nationals at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. Let me tell you, if you've never been to a Goodguys show, you need to. This show

2016 SEMA Convention Highlights

The 2016 SEMA convention was bigger and better than ever. This year’s event was the 50th anniversary. I have been an attendee many times over the years, but this year was my first covering it for Spekture. What a daunting, overwhelming task! Some of this year’s pertinent facts:  over 1.2

Hot Import Nights (HIN) Tampa 2016

I've been photographing/writing for Spekture magazine for only a short amount of time now but it has already afforded me some great opportunities to check out some car shows and cultures that I haven't been too familiar with. Last week I drove to Miami to check out Festivals of Speed,

Festivals of Speed – Hallandale 2016

For a week I debated whether or not I was going to go to Festivals of Speed in Hallandale. I live in a small town in Central Florida, just north of Orlando, which meant it was going to be at least a four hour drive each way. Now I've driven

Slamfest 2016

“What is a Slamfest?” That is the question I usually get asked every year when I talk about my previous weekend’s event with coworkers, friends, and family. Agreed, it might not be evident by the name if you aren’t familiar with the culture. I would then explain it’s an outdoor truck

Stancewars Comes to Houston

What is Stancewars? Before the car show, I honestly didn’t know who they were. It all started in Seattle, Stancewars is a growing fitment based event which you could gathering from the name. With success in Seattle and Vegas, the next stop was Houston. To enter your vehicle in the show,

The Big Event 8

This past Saturday, it was finally time for Houston's biggest Subaru event to return for the annual The Big Event 8 held at the Gillman Subaru South dealership. If you are a Subaru fan in the Houston area, you have heard of this car show, and it's one on the

World Time Attack Challenge 2016

From humble beginnings at the now defunct Oran Park back in 2008, the World Time Attack Challenge has now grown into one of the world’s biggest time attack events. Time attack events began in Japan in the mid-1960s. They have since spread around the world. The international World Time Attack event

Import Face-Off Baytown Sept 2016

With the cooler weather approaching, car show season begins to ramp up here in the Houston area. First one for the fall show season is usually the Import Face-Off car show and drag event at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown. Initially the show was supposed to be in October, but

Konner’s Car Show- Pocatello, ID 2016

When someone mentions Idaho, typically the first thing that pops into your mind is potatoes or Iowa (yes, people still get the two confused). Well obviously there is a lot more to Idaho than potatoes, and farm land. Here in Pocatello; we have a pretty close knit community, and we

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Car Show Photography

It’s getting to be my favorite time of year, the weather is starting to cool down, college football is on the television (Go Gators!) and the fall car show schedule is in full force. If you've attended a few shows and attempted to take photos, you know there are some obstacles

Reactor 2016

Earlier this year, we hosted our second car show. This time the show was partnered with Anime Matsuri, Texas’ largest anime convention. Anime Matsuri has been running for a while now, and each year there’s a car show combined with the con previously called Import Reactor.  Since we were hosting

2016 Las Vegas Red Rock Concours D’Elegance

This past weekend’s 2nd annual Las Vegas Red Rock Concours D'Elegance provided automotive enthusiasts an awesome escape from their indoor summer retreats. With sunny skies and temperatures in the 80's, this awesome car show served as a perfect excuse to spend the day outside!       The show was held at

Reactor Car Show 2016

Our first show of the year was a success! Sweat pouring, knuckles bruised, and necks broke we wanted to make sure we got you the coverage that you wanted. After Alex and I got to into downtown Houston, we had experienced a heavy traffic jam and some car issues, with

316 Customs Grand Opening Car Show

Recently I found myself making a trip to Wichita, Kansas for my little sister’s wedding. While I was there I wanted to check out the local car scene. Days before I began my journey north, I joined a few local Wichita car groups and started searching for car events taking