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Hot Import Nights (HIN) Tampa 2016

I've been photographing/writing for Spekture magazine for only a short amount of time now but it has already afforded me some great opportunities to check out some car shows and cultures that I haven't been too familiar with. Last week I drove to Miami to check out Festivals of Speed,

Wekfest Texas 2015

Time sure does fly by, and with the last few months being pretty busy some things got left behind. One of the things that got forgotten was my coverage of the Wekfest Texas car show that was hosted back in the middle of October here in Houston. As I was

StanceNation Texas 2015

It was finally time, StanceNation returned to Houston with their StanceNation Texas 2015 car show back in August. I headed down to NRG Park Center to check out the car show and all the rides there. I arrived to the parking lot to see lots of rides outside, even some nice