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How to get your work featured on Spekture.

Interested in getting your work featured on Spekture? We welcome submissions from amateurs and professionals alike, but know that we are selective when it comes to the quality, lighting, and processing of the set.

Types of sets we are accepting for submission:

  • Spekture Girl (Full Model Feature) – minimum 12 photos are required for this set. Ideal is up to 30+ so we can select the best to use.
  • Model Spotlight – minimum 6 photos are required for this set. Ideal is up to 12+ so we can select the best to use.
  • Vehicle Feature – minimum 15 photos are required for this set. Ideal is up to 30+ so we can select the best to use.
  • Vehicle Spotlight – minimum 7 photos are required for this set. Ideal is up to 12+ so we can select the best to use.


  • You must own the rights or have authority from the copyright owner to publish the photos you are submitting. Usually this means a model release or photographers written approval.


  • We do not allow full frontal nudity. Implied nudity is ok, but the overall aesthetic of a photo can make it inappropriate for Spekture.
  • We strongly prefer color photos, and typically do not accept black & white.  Keep this in mind this before submitting.
  • We will not approve blurry, poorly exposed, poorly edited, or any other photos with obvious technical flaws.
  • We reserve the right to decline any photo submitted for any reason we deem appropriate.


  • Web only features must be minimum of 2000px at longest length.
  • Photos must be a minimum of 12 megapixel and taken from a DSLR (or better) camera – Ideal is 20+ megapixel pro quality.
  • Photos must be full size, unbranded originals. A professional retouch is strongly encouraged.
  • Submit your photos in JPG format and ideally with the sRGB color space.

Note: In 99.99% of occasions, a photo shot on a phone will be ignored, as it is not considered a proper submission.

Please include a text file listing all credits of the creative team involved with the shoot (model, stylist, make-up and hair, assistants, retoucher, etc.) and any website URLs or social media links you would like referenced.

If you are confident that your images meet our standards please send an email to and include your name, contact info, info on where you have been previously published, name and location of model, and low res samples of the images you wish to submit.

If your images are selected, please send the high-resolution images and all supporting documents via DROPBOX LINK (DO NOT SHARE THE FOLDER). This file must be complete at time of submission, and IF YOU ARE MISSING ANY DOCUMENTS or images are not the appropriate resolution, YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO RESUBMIT.

Spekture Magazine is released as a digital magazine. Print copies are printed on demand and can be ordered. Tear sheets will be provided to all contributors. We do not provide free print copies of the issue.


  • By submitting photographs to Spekture, you are granting full publication rights of these photos for Online and Printed Distribution.
  • We retain the full rights to publish, edit, retouch and reproduce photos for Spekture Magazine and its publications.
  • If requested to remove images, we reserve the right to decline this request, although we prefer to cooperate when reasonable terms are presented.
  • We are under no obligation to publish specific photos or photo sets; this is purely at the editors’ discretion.
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