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Logan Robert


Whats up?!?!? My name is Logan Robert. I’m a 16 year old Photographer from Wichita Kansas. To make the story short.. I’ve always been in love with cars ever since I saw my first mustang at the age of lets just say round about 4. Since then I’ve collected what seemed to me like “all of the hotwheels!”. So as I grew up I started getting much much more into the real things, my first car show was blacktop nationals and id say thats where the obsession really sky rocketed. So fast forward to 2015 it was my birthday and to my surprise I got my first car, it was a 1992 mustang gt! I know… your probably saying “omg…that as a first car for someone that has no clue how to drive stick” and yeah thats what I said! So fast forward to the christmas  of 2016 and I got my first real camera…and what better to take pictures of than the things I love most! So thats why i’m on the Spekture Team today!