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Spekture Talks to The Dynamically Beautiful Jessika Lyn

One of the loveliest aspects of meeting new people in the world is how often you can find yourself delightfully surprised. No matter how many folks we run into, all over the the place really, it never ceases to amaze just how many times you meet a truly rare gem of a person.  Model Jessika Lyn is one of those gems.

Hailing from Dallas but raised outside of San Antonio, Jessika is a highly driven and focused glamour model now based in Houston (but travels all over for her work.) Eschewing basically every negative glamour model stereotype, Jessika Lyn is passionate about her work, her family, and her future. She claims her smile is the best part of her, and we’d tend to agree, but look for yourself and we think you will find every facet of Jessika is perfection.

But enough prattling on and on, read what Jessika discussed with us recently below, and be sure to keep an eye out on this girl; big things are coming up!

Jessika Lyn
Age: 25
Location: Houston, TX
Social: Instagram: @missjessikalyn
Height: 5’3″
Birthplace: Dallas, TX

Photos: Nino Batista

Spekture: How long have you been modeling?
Jessika Lyn: Oh, about three years. My first shoot was in January of 2013.

S!: How would you describe working with the photographer?
Jessika: Nino Batista is one of the most professional and kind photographers I have ever worked with. He’s genuine, precise and knows exactly how to get absolute dynamite shots.

S!: What are some things you dislike/hate about the industry?
Jessika: In every type of industry there is a “dark side”. What I dislike about the modeling industry is it can be very harsh on the image of what defines who/what is beautiful or not. Young adults, especially young women, are pressured to live by a certain stigma and those who might not be picture perfect are left thinking they’re not good enough. Judgments are a natural thing to pass as a humans, but if we change the ideas in people’s minds that everyone is different and that difference is what makes us most beautiful, then one thought at a time we can change those insecurities in people into an abundance of self-confidence.

S!: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
Jessika: It has given me a different perspective of myself in regards to who I want to be and what image I want to represent. Especially now that I have my daughter watching me, I have to think about what message I’m putting out to the world. I want to promote an image that makes people feel empowered to be who they are naturally.

S!: What’s your favorite outfit in this set of photos?
Jessika: My handmade, custom, purple, Swarovski Crystal studded Get Bikini!! And my leather crop top cause I’m not wearing any pants (Oh my. – Ed.)

S!: What are you most proud of? 
Jessika: My beautiful one and a half year old daughter Milanna Rose for awaking a love in my soul I never knew existed.

S!: What is your secret to staying in shape?
Jessika: Almonds and tequila 😉

S!: What kind of music gets you moving the most?
Jessika: I love dancing to all types of music. One of my favorite songs to dance to, no matter where I am, is Def Leppard’s, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

S!: What are some major turn-offs?
Jessika: When people, especially men, who are super closed minded and don’t even leave space in their mind to question themselves because they are too prideful to be wrong.

S!: Do you like to be surprised?
Jessika: I love to be surprised but it’s hard for people to surprise me because I’m pretty spot on at anticipating people’s actions or surprises.

S!: What should a man never do on a date?
Jessika: There are so many things a man should never do on a date but I think the main one I have an issue with is if he stiffs our waiter or writes a cheap tip at a super fancy restaurant.

S!: What can a guy do to make you feel sexy?

Jessika: There is nothing anyone can do to make you feel sexy. Sexiness comes from having self-confidence and becoming comfortable in the skin you’re in. Which I already have. I don’t need anyone else to validate me.

S!: Which feature on your body gets the most attention?
Jessika: My smile, I’ve had many people I’ve come in contact with my smile and become enamored by it. I love smiling! Smiling is infectious and can be understood in any language.

S!: Where has been your favorite place to shoot?
Jessika: Anywhere tropical so far my favorite places I’ve shot have been in Puerta Vallera, Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The beaches there are indescribable. The sunrise shoot I did on the beach in the DR was my favorite so far.

S!: Tell us something random about yourself.
Jessika: I hate wearing clothes, I try to wear as little clothing as possible at all times. If I could be naked 24/7 I would but I cannot because society deems it unmoral. So in turn I try to be naked at least half of the day.

S!: What advice would you give to those hoping to enter the world of modeling?
Jessika: Just because you have a great look won’t mean you have what it takes to make it professionally. It takes hard work, self-control, dedication and focus on the steps it will take to get an agent and establish oneself in the modeling community. Also if you get offended easily this is not the industry for you.

S!: Where are you from?
Jessika: I was born in Dallas, TX on December 2nd I then moved to a small town and hour outside of San Antonio called Karnes City, Texas. I grew up a small country girl who was always helping my grandfather in the garden planting crops such as watermelon, cucumbers and okra.

S!: Any weird hobbies?
Jessika: I enjoy writing poetry. I know it sounds lame but it’s a way for me to process emotions and make sense of my thoughts. It is also pretty cool being lyrically inclined.

S!: What drink would you order at the bar?
Jessika: For me it would be an ice cold beer. I love craft beers!

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Nino Batista

Ron “Nino” Batista is a commercial glamour and exotic automotive photographer in the United States. HIs work is regularly published in lifestyle and men’s publications all over the world, and he is regarded as one of the premier glamour photography and retouching educators in the U.S.

He works with and as a Senior Writer, and has taught photography and retouching in dozens of cities, including at ShutterFest 2016 in St. Louis, as featured instructor on CreativeLive, the AIBP Retreat in Ojai CA and New Orleans LA, as well as his own workshops in many cities around the country and, as of autumn 2016, various cities around the world.

Nino founded the Spekture brand in 2012 and has partnered with Alex Ventura to create the all new Spekture publication in 2016.
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