SEMA is Here!

It’s a special time of year in the automotive industry. Halloween has just passed. The Fall season is in full force. The holiday’s are right around the corner, but during the beginning of November comes SEMA. SEMA, or Speciality Equipment Market Association, is an annual event hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA formed in 1963 that brings together automotive focused OEMs, aftermarket manufacturers, media, car dealers, speciality equipment distributors, installers, and so much more. So if you’ve never heard of SEMA or what it’s about it’s basically the showcase for all things automotive from domestics to imports, exotics to trucks, speed and show, audio and wow factor. It is where many aftermarket manufacturers debut new products for the upcoming year revealing them for the first time ever. It is where you can see OEM sponsored shops produce insane builds of a car you might see all the time in normal trim. Superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous, new wheels, new bolt on parts, new internals, there is nothing left unturned.

If you love automotive anything then take the time to see what’s happening at SEMA throughout this week. There will more than likely be something that catches your eye. Whether it’s a specific product, manufacturer, or car itself SEMA has something for everyone! To my gearhead peers across the globe I say cheers! I love this time of year!

Here is a perfect example of something you just won’t see driving down the street. A fully carbon fiber current generation Ford Mustang GT:


It is a Mustang like this that gives you some insight into what SEMA is about. It is a no holds back event for everyone to shine their brightest!

Here are some more examples from the start of today’s events captured by our own Photographers Rachel File and Bernie Smith. We have several staffers and Syrens on location for SEMA this year so keep checking out social media outlets for up to date coverage from SEMA 2016!




Here is a quick selection of photos from this morning on Day #1 of SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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