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Mud, Sweat, and Beers 2017

Dust, dirt, and a whole lot of mud; that’s exactly how one could describe the ‘Mud, Sweat, and Beers’ event that took place this past July 29th, in Blackfoot, Idaho. The first time event drew in hundreds of spectators and participants from all over the state. As soon as you pulled off the paved road and made your way through the farmland you could see just how many people showed up to this event. Trailers and RV’s lined up to the top of the hill near the parking areas, and beyond, where all the action was.

The moment you stepped out of your vehicle you could hear the roar of engines as they attempted to make their way through the free-for-all mud pit. Maybe “pit” is the wrong term to use here, it was easily the size of a football field. There were trucks starting at both ends of the “pit” trying to make it to the other side. I need to emphasize trying because a lot of the trucks were stuck in the middle until the big tractor came to pull them out. If they were closer to the edge they would pull each other out. Surprisingly quite a few trucks went in and out of the pit without getting stuck at all, but if they hit the wrong hole you could expect to see a rescue of some sort.

The free-for-all pit was exactly that, anyone was allowed to take their rides through it, they also had the side-by-side races where two drivers would line up next to one another and drag race down the muddy track, fishtailing to the finish line. After several heats, a winner was decided, and they were able to claim a cash prize.

One of the more popular events was the tough truck competition, for those of you that don’t know what that is, It involves jumps and prayers to Jesus that you don’t break your truck while competing in a circular one lap race. On each side of the track there are jumps, and because this was a mud bog event, of course, there was mud at the bottom of those jumps, lots of mud. The first couple runs started off cautiously; the drivers letting their foot off the gas at the start of the ramp and then easing their way into the muddy pit at the bottom. Next up was a Ford driver with different ideas, he gunned it from the beginning, and easily caught 10-feet of air before hitting the bottom of the mud pit. After seeing the driver of the Ford, the rest of the guys competing braved up and did the same. After the second run, the Ford had to retire after discovering he’d bent the frame from landing so hard.

It’s easy to say the most anticipated event of the night was the Extreme Downhill Barbie Car Racing, It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it was awesome! Two drivers mount their Barbie Jeeps and head down the hill, hoping not to crash before the finish line. There were several head-to-head heats, with the winner advancing and losers matching up in the consolation rounds. After each driver went a few times, it was time for the two best to go head to head and decide the winner of the cash prize, to the cheers and applause of the gathered crowd.

For being the first event of its kind around here in Idaho, it’s easy to say it was a blast. FUEL’D Apparel did an awesome job putting this thing together, and it was something you could bring your family to and enjoy. Following the racing events there was also a huge bonfire as well as a concert. There are already people asking for this to be an annual event, and personally I hope it is too, I’ve already made a note in my calendar for the end of July next year!



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