With my photography, I want to create scenarios that are not only attractive to the eye, but also convey a feeling towards the viewer — melancholy, nostalgia, or sadness, for example. I like it when my photos have different interpretations. For some, it can be a photo that makes them feel happy and inspired, and for others, loneliness.

In this particular set of photos, I wanted to use the colors of the night to convey a feeling of sad memories. I like the idea that when someone looks at my pictures, it takes them to moments in the past when they were happy, but in the end, those moments remain just as memories. With daytime photos, I like to use street elements to add layers to my photography, like taking the photo through glass, or using a fence to create an extra layer.

Julia Fanello

Photography is my passion because you can tell stories through moments lost in time. Everyone has their way of taking photos — there are no rules. That’s the beauty of photography.

Victoria English & Kody

Photos & Words by Santiago Traverso

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