Meet Southern Belle Heidi Jo

Models come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. This is definitely true with quirky and energetic southern belle Heidi Jo. Growing up participating in various pageants since the age of 3, she’s no stranger to the stage and modeling has been a big part of her life.

Don’t let her height fool you, this Taiwanese and Cuban infused nerd can hold her own. Heidi Jo is wholly into fitness and loves bikini and fitness modeling. It’s a lifestyle choice for her, as she writes fitness articles and mentors others into a better and healthier lifestyle – she doesn’t just stop on herself.

Heidi Jo
age: I feel like this is unnecessary
location: Houston
Social: @msfitheidijo FB:
Height: I’m short… 5’0″
Birthplace: Oklahoma

Photos: Nino Batista

Read more in the Spekture Magazine Issue 1.

Spekture - Issue 1- Heidi Jo Cover

By Alex Ventura in Spekture Magazine

178 pages, published 8/2/2017

Motoring. Photography. Lifestyle. Events. Travel. Women.Spekture Magazine Volume 1 featuring Heidi Jo on the cover along with Amanda Sparks, Gee Robinson, Jessika Lyn, Missy Olivares, and Roshie. Includes photography tips to cover cons, travel advice to Iceland, automotive ride features, event coverages and more.
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