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May 2017 Las Vegas Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday morning from 7-10am south of the Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas’s official Cars and Coffee takes place. I’ve been planning on attending this event for some time, but it wasn’t until the last weekend in May that I was able to attend. With the crazy weather Sin City has been having this spring, it was a good choice of a weekend to attend the show.  Weather was perfect! Sustained winds of 40-50MPH have been the norm more days than not during the last couple months, and triple digit high temperatures for the next 4 months straight are just around the corner.

After being in the same location for years, this past October Cars and Coffee Las Vegas moved to its current location at Speed Vegas which hosts the weekly gathering of car enthusiasts. Speed Vegas offers the experience of driving an exotic supercar on a 1.5 mile racetrack about 15 minutes south Mandalay Bay Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, or 5 minutes further south of the M Resort Spa Casino which is at the very southern edge of town.  Starting around 9am attendees are given the opportunity to get a ride on the track in one of the featured cars Speed Vegas has in its inventory.

Each Saturday there is a different “Feature Marquee”.  Studebaker/Avanti owners were featured this day and got to park up front for everyone to get a good look at their rides. A bright orange Avanti was an excellent example to showcase an offering from what was once America’s 5th largest car company. A very eclectic selection of about 60 cars showed up on the final Saturday of May. A couple of vintage Porsche along with a couple current models, a pair of Cadillac CTS-V, a vintage Jaguar & late model Mini, an assortment of classic & modern Camaro & Mustang, Viper and Corvettes, some exotic cars such as Ferrari and Aston Martin, and a whole lot more. Really just about something for everyone including motorcycle enthusiasts!

A vintage 911 Porsche, an “Adler” concept car, a blown Camaro, and a MV Augusta motorcycle all caught my eye. Be sure to check out my favorites and all the other cool rides in the show gallery below. All in all, a really wide variety!

Bernie Smith
Bernie Smith

Las Vegas based photographer, I have always been a huge fan of all forms of photography. It wasn’t until relocating to Las Vegas and digital camera technology evolved that I was able to fully realize my love for photography. Automotive, motorcycles, beauty, glamour, pinup, retro, swimwear, and fitness themes are all areas of particular interest.

60’s Muscle cars have been a part of my life since I was 14 years old with particular emphasis in Fords, Mustangs, and Shelbys being my specialty having owned and restored more than a couple rare examples. Having worked as a Ford Senior Master certified technician over 20 years has provided the means to stay current with cutting edge technology. A high performance late model fuel injected car has it’s own unique appeal to me, just as the old school muscle does. Motorsports and college football are also huge passions of mine.
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