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Lamborghini Festival 2016 – The Raging Bull Run

What better way to celebrate the Lamborghini heritage, than by unleashing those raging bulls and letting them stretch their legs out on the track while also giving back for a wonderful cause while you do it? That’s exactly what went down out at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX.  That morning, a gathering of several hundred cars and spectators showed up to share in their passion for all things automotive as well as give back to the Start Your Engines Family Services Program, a non-profit that helps families acquire the skills needed to face life’s challenges.

Two Raging Bulls fresh from a run down the quarter mile with a GTR in tow.

To begin with, the day could not have been any more perfect weather wise, a bright clear sunny day with a nice cool breeze. Very out of character for our normally heat ridden region, but I’m certainly not complaining. The turnout to the event was vast and varied, the presence of the Lamborghini Festival definitely upped the number of high-end cars present. Even without their numbers, there was no shortage of unique, powerful, and fast cars out enjoying the day.

Not a Lamborghini, but a beautiful car nonetheless. Not often you see an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Upon my arrival after parking and setting up my camera for filming, the first thing I walked into was the staging lanes for the strip. It did not disappoint, a multitude of Lamborghinis, Mustangs, Mclarens, Ferraris, and just about any other manufacturer you could think of was lined up and ready to go for a run down the 1320. I hung out here and near the burnout box to get a few shots before making my way around to the paddock to see what else had made the journey out to the track.

Line up of cars after a run down the 1320.

Some notable arrivals were, of course, a beautiful Lamborghini Miura to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the car. I’ll let you in on a secret now, for most people that know me, I love cars, but specifically, I love muscle cars, but those Miuras have and will continue to be one of my ultimate dream cars. Additionally there were a host other amazing cars out there that caught my eye but not like this vintage Bugatti did.

Definitely not something I expected to see out here.

Some celebrities were also in attendance including the notorious Batventador and it’s Caped Driver! All in all it was a fantastic event, and there was no shortage of cars to look at. Additionally all the images used in this article are screen grabs from the upcoming video to be released covering the weekend long Lamborghini Festival so stay tuned for that!

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