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Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty | Kendall White’s 2013 Scion FR-S

For our first automotive feature on Spekture, we kick it off with our “Best of Show” winner back from our first Spekture Car Show in 2015. Yes, it’s been sitting on the digital shelf for some time now waiting for the right time to be released. This ride isn’t a stranger either; it’s made it appearance a few times on the website before in some event coverage articles as well as some of our Houston Streets events.  You might even recognize this ride from the 2014 SEMA Show. Wherever you made spot this FR-S, once thing for certain: It’s usually breaking necks getting the attention and taking home the awards.

We will be focusing on modified rides around the world to feature on the site, as well as unique and rare ones that grab our attention. Your ride could very well be the next one, we are always one the look out for our next feature.

Now on to our first feature with Kendall White and his Scion FR-S.

Vehicle: 2013 Scion FR-S
Owner: Kendall Durant White
Hometown: Lumberton, Texas
Engine: 2.0L Boxer FA20
Power: 310hp
Social : Facebook & Instagram

There have been a few vehicles that enthusiasts remember over the years, and the Toyota 86 is one of those, particularly in the drifting realm of the world. I wanted one for a while, even more so after watching Initial D with Takumi conquering the underground racing scene in his AE86. Then the rumors started that a new incarnation of the famous “Hachi-Roku” would be coming. That definitely started a firestorm of discussion on the new 86. I followed the rumors, concepts, and changes the 86 would go through before finally becoming the Scion FR-S here in the States.

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

I was very interested in this model, but I wasn’t the only one, as Kendall White was keenly interested and figured this would be a perfect opportunity to shine with a new platform (and with his lofty goal to do the impossible as quickly as possible!) Making a risky decision, he decided to put money down and pre-order his FR-S even before test driving it. He had that much faith in his decision this would be this would be the car for him.

“I even put money down before seeing or even driving it. Crazy huh? I knew it was a very risky decision at the time, but I felt that it was the right thing to do.”
– Kendall

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

In the past, Kendall has built a few other cars, so he wasn’t completely new to the game. His previous builds includes his 1994 Pontiac Firebird, 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 81 Chevy Short Bed, and his 2004 Ford Mustang. He has been working on vehicles since high school, and was open to work on anything he could get his hands on. He did have some help, with big inspiration from his father. Throughout Kendall’s childhood, he would listen to stories about his father’s hot rod days and how he used to build vehicles with his father. From the first time Kendall laid eyes on vehicles, he has been addicted and a tradition was started.

Kendall spent years working together and learning what he could from his father. He’s very thankful for his time with him, and that he was willing to pass down his knowledge and experiences to carry with him for the rest of his life; hopefully passing down these experiences with the next generation. Family means a lot to Kendall.

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

Like many of us, the Fast and the Furious franchise was a big influence with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel becoming idols. Kendall was no different. He remembers first seeing the movie which opened a new outlook for him. One main focus point that stuck with Kendall from the movies was that they were about family and being there for your loved ones. A few quotes stuck with him as well which inspires his passion for building his ride: “Go big or go home,”  “Ask any racer, any real racer. It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.”

In the beginning, his plans for the FR-S was to build a track car. As you can tell, things radically changed throughout the progression of his build. After realizing how he much would be spending, it would be best to have something to show. With that, the plans changed to build a unique show car and keep it as perfect as possible. All sorts of ideas started flowing in, and he quickly knew what he needed to do to get started.

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

For most of us, when building a ride, the ride tends to follow your own personal style. Kendall’s style consist of clean body lines and uniqueness, something that no one else has. Even with the popularity of the 86, his still stands out from the crowd.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, many changes happened throughout the build process. There were several times where he found himself ordering parts to find them later at a better deal or completely changing his mind. At some points, especially with back to back shows, Kendall found himself spending many sleepless nights working on his prized FR-S. Overall, it has gone through 3 bumpers with road debris and several fender liners from being low. Many of us know that Texas roads aren’t very low friendly. This brings up one of his favorite parts of the build, the air ride system. Even with that, some precautions still must be taken.

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

Advent Works: Keep it Fresh, Stay Minty &emdash;

Detailing is another very important aspect of the build. He found it as a way to express his creativity and make it his own. We can all notice this, which has brought Kendall one of his biggest payoffs: the recognition he receives everywhere he goes. He’s frequently asked about his story and how he got where he’s at today, his reply is always “hard work and dedication.”

Kendall is a firm believer in you get what you pay for. With that, he knew he wanted real carbon fiber products instead of hydro dipping or vinyl wrapping parts in his ride. This brings back the quote “go big or go home.” Kendall has run into a lot of people who assume it’s just a vinyl wrap. Taking a closer look, there’s no doubt you can spot the difference with the sleek glossy look real carbon fiber has. It took a lot of time, but at the end of the day Kendall is happy and wouldn’t have his ride any other way.

“Every Build has its problems, it takes a certain type of person to work through those problems, but always remember if you try your hardest and give it all you you’ve got then nothing can stand in the way to success.”
– Kendall

Modification List

  • Seafoam Green custom paint
  • Spyder smoked tail lights
  • Winjet smoked head lights
  • Seibon carbon fiber front lip
  • Seibon carbon fiber TS hood
  • Seibon carbon fiber CSL trunk
  • Seibon carbon fiber TA side skirts
  • Seibon carbon fiber KC rear spats
  • Seibon carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • BeatSonic carbon fiber rear window spoiler
  • Carbon fiber door handle covers
  • Driveway Labs front aero splitter
  • Driveway Labs rear aero diffuser
  • RexSpeed carbon fiber mirror overlays
  • APR carbon fiber brake ducts
  • Helix JDM crystal smoked side markers
  • Password JDM bumper quick releases
  • Rexspeed wide mirrors
  • Perrin shorty antenna
  • Yospeed custom license plate frame
  • Window tint
  • Diode Dynamics low beam HID conversion
  • Diode Dynamics backup LEDs (pair)
  • Diode Dynamics dome / map light LED
  • Diode Dynamics trunk light LED
  • Diode Dynamics sidemarker LEDs
  • Oracle Lighting custom white halos
  • Cusco seafoam green 4-point roll cage
  • Seafoam green NRG Harness Bar
  • Custom black & seafoam painted dash dress up
  • Sparco Evo lll bucket seats
  • Sparco 4-point harnesses
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Custom carbon fiber drift button
  • Yospeed custom interior center console barge
  • Yospeed custom interior door seal badges
  • Custom suede rear seat delete
  • Custom cut carbon fiber center console cover
  • Works Bell short hub
  • NRG tilt system
  • NRG e-brake handle
  • Summit Racing carbon fiber gauge pods
  • Defi assorted gauges
  • Blox weighted shift knob
  • Custom suede floor trunk
  • CVT Design custom hard lined air system
  • Dual Viair 444c compressors (2)
  • Cusco gas pedal
  • JPM Coachworks suede wrapped mint stitch interior
  • Avant Garde F130 Wheels – 18×10 (f/r) – Matt black face with gloss black 3 inch lip
  • Custom mint hardware
  • Custom cut AG center caps
  • Wilwood front 6R slotted big brake kit
  • Wilwood rear 4R slotted big brake kit
  • Hankook Ventus V12 tires – 215/40/18
  • Nrg Exended open lug nuts
  • FT86 Speedfactory custom mint strut bar
  • FT86 Speedfactory custom mint tri bar
  • Beatrush rear strut tower brace
  • Whiteline positive traction kit
  • Whiteline front camber bolts
  • Airlift Performance air struts
  • Airlift Performance V2 controller with management
  • Hotchkiss Stage 1 sway bars (f/r)
  • Avenue Performance mint lower control arms
  • J2 Engineering toe arms
  • ARP extended studs
  • Inline Racing custom turbo kit
  • Inline Racing custom 3 inch exhaust
  • Inline Racing custom headers
  • Tial Q 50MM blow-off valve
  • Tial MV-S 38MM wastegate
  • Megan Racing mufflers
  • Blox Racing velocity stack
  • Perrin oil cap
  • Perrin oil filter cover
  • Password JDM carbon fiber cooling plate
  • Password JDM carbon fiber pulley cover
  • Password JDM carbon fiber fuse box cover
  • Password JDM carbon fiber engine cover
  • Password JDM carbon fiber compartment covers
  • Password JDM carbon chrome wash kit
  • Venair radiator hose kit
  • Optima Redtop battery
  • Driveshaft Shop 600whp axels
  • Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft
  • MTEC shift spring
  • Chase Bays stainless steel clutch line
  • Billet Pro Shop short shifter 
  • ACT lightweight street clutch
  • Integrity Concepts custom subwoofer enclosures
  • Rockford Fosgate P2 10 inch subwoofer (2)
  • MTX Audio 600w amplifier
  • Integrity Concepts custom subwoofer enclosures
  • Rockford Fosgate P2 10 inch subwoofer (2)
  • MTX Audio 600w amplifier
  • BeatSonicUSA
  • Viair
  • Font Motorsports
  • Car Pro USA
  • Yospeed
  • Diode Dynamics
  • Avant Garde
  • Fteightysix
  • Winjet
  • Spectrum Graphic Designs
  • Driveway Labs
  • PerfectionsDetail
  • NRG Innovations
  • Integrity Concepts
  • JPM Coachworks
  • Meguiars
  • CVT Designs
  • Oracle Lighting
Alex Ventura
I grew up around american muscle working on cars with my dad, but by the time they were ready to get me a car, they wanted something reliable and good on gas. Picked up my first civic and started modded years back which introduced to the import scene. I still have a soft spot for some old school american muscle.
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