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Import Face-Off Topeka April 2017

Topeka, Kansas has not seen an Import Face-Off (IFO) event since 2013 when the track, Heartland Park, was closed due to lack of ownership. Heartland Park was bought again a few years later and began hosting events and throwing money at the road course and other areas that needed a little extra help. When IFO owner and creator Cliff Wallace asked Heartland Park officials about hosting again, they gave a resounding yes. And so on Sunday, April 9th 2017, Topeka was full of imports once more.

Many Kansans in the car scene were abuzz with excitement, evident by the Facebook event page alone. Leading up to the event there were over 3,000 people marked going and 2,000 more marked interested. Two days before the event it was posted to the page that online tickets had been sold to people in 13 different states and 106 cities. A record breaking amount! Enthusiasts from as far away as Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, and South Dakota made the trek to Kansas’ capitol city.

Those who attended the event had the chance to see cars of every make and model hard parked in the car show, watch some fast-paced drag racing, break their ear drums listening to the stereo competition or watch the wall taps through the tire clouds made by the 62 drifters in the event hosted by Kansas City Drift Association.

There was a record number of participants and spectators galore. Topeka was put back on the map and a second date for the 2017 season was immediately added to the calendar, September 3rd tentatively.  Consider me excited! Check out the photo galleries from Clayton Stephenson and Logan Robert below!


Clayton’s gallery

Logan’s gallery

Annika Perry
Annika Perry

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