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Igniting Modern Muscle with Amanda Sparks

The phrase, “good things come in small packages”, rings true when referring to model Amanda Sparks. She may be small in stature, but besides being a model she is also a cosplayer and active car enthusiast. I guess you can say she is “the whole package”. Based out of Florida, Amanda is passionate about everything she does and fierce in a pair of heels and in front of the camera.

I had the opportunity of meeting Amanda at Hot Import Nights in Tampa, Florida. Although the meeting was brief and I was unable to get many photos at the event, I took the initiative and reached out to have a formal one on one shoot with her. Being a commercial photographer for Modern Muscle in Ocala, Florida, it was the perfect location to do so, and we had access to the warehouse and cars.

After the shoot we were able to sit down and discuss all things Amanda Sparks.

Amanda Sparks
Age: That’s a secret
Location: Tampa Fl.
Social: Instagram – @Beautiful_Distraction86
Height: 5’2
Birthplace: Tampa Florida

Photos: Daniel Bray | HMUA :  Soniyah Medina

Spekture!: How long have you been modeling?

Amanda Sparks: I’ve been modeling over 10 years now. I started at the age of 17.

S!: In the 10 years you’ve been modeling, has it changed any aspects of your life?

Amanda: Modeling has giving me a new look and perspective of myself since I’ve always had self-esteem issues, but that is with most women, I think. It’s helped me to grow and learn, and that no matter what, I’m beautiful just the way I am. Modeling has really helped me with my own self-image.

S!: What are you most proud of in your modeling?

Amanda: I’m most proud of how far I have come in this industry and how much support I’ve received from my fans, friends, and family. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I want to give them all a huge ‘thank you’.

S!: When it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

Amanda: I want to be remembered as the outgoing girl that never gave up on her dreams; the one that was there for others and put them before myself.

S!: What do you enjoy most about modeling?

Amanda: The most rewarding thing for me is seeing the finished product from my shoots and sharing it with my fans. It’s a great feeling to see what the photographer and I have accomplished together.

S!: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Amanda: My best advice to other women who are getting into this line of business is to have confidence. If you get knocked down, get up, brush yourself off and try again.

S!: How much do you know about cars?

Amanda: I know a lot more than people think. Growing up, my grandfather was a mechanic so I learned a lot from him.

S!: What car do you currently own and do you have a dream car?

Amanda: I own a Kia Soul. She isn’t much, but it’s my baby.  My dream car is a Nissan GT-R.

S!: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Amanda: “Food! I absolutely love it.

S!: If food is a guilty pleasure, what’s your favorite thing to eat?

Amanda: I absolutely love soup, any and all kinds. Honestly, I don’t really know why, I JUST LOVE IT!

S!: What are your biggest turn-ons?

Amanda: Hearing the purr of an engine starting.

S!: Which feature on your body gets the most attention?

Amanda: My smile is my biggest thing I get complimented on and it really makes me happy because I love to smile.

S!: Do you have a favorite social media platform?

Amanda: I like to use my Instagram the most because it’s where I post all of my content and I’m able to connect with my fans easier.

S!: Where are you from?

Amanda: Born and raised in Florida

S!: Do you have any weird hobbies?

Amanda: To me it’s not weird at all, but I love to Cosplay.

S!: What drink would you order at the bar?

Amanda: A coke, I don’t drink.

S!: What is the most exotic destination you’ve travelled to?

Amanda: It’s not exotic at all but my favorite place I’ve travelled to is California

S!: What kind of music gets you moving the most?

Amanda: Any type of trance, industrial, or metal

S!: Have you any interest or experience in the automotive scene?

Amanda: Yes absolutely. Cars are not just a hobby for me, it’s a passion.

S!: What are your modeling goals for 2017?

Amanda: My goal is to work with new photographers and expand my modeling in the automotive world.

S!: Who/What inspired you to get into modeling?

Amanda: My Mom inspired me since she was once a model herself I wanted to follow in her footsteps.

S!: What is your secret to staying in shape?

Amanda: I get asked this a lot and the truth is I never workout, I eat whatever I want, as much as I want and still look the same.

Daniel Bray
Daniel Bray

Florida based photographer in love with automotive photography.
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