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Houston Coffee and Cars October 2016

The Friday hangover may be lingering in your system, or you just awoke from the best sleep of your life (I won’t tell you which one I was), but there is no better way to kickoff a Saturday than grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, getting some breakfast in your system, and checking out some of the finest cars Houston’s own, has to offer.

It’s always a sight to see, and the diversity of cars is all over the board. You are going to see everything from Rat Rods, to classics, american muscles, and modern exotics.


You can never be disappointed when the Corvettes make an appearance


You can drool at the thought of that feeling, when the keys to one of these exotic cars falls in your hand


Or better yet a McLaren…


Or just keep it old school…


One thing that definitely caught my eye, were these themed Corvettes. Two Brothers, two awesome cars dressed up in black. The Mad Max Z06, and one of the few things that can make the Z06 look slow….the ZRS.


Houston Coffee and Cars definitely did not disappoint. Come out and enjoy the good company, enjoy the view, and enjoy one of the best ways to get the weekend morning kicked off. There was one instance, with a Mustang getting a little out of hand, and lost control. I’m sure the eyes are always glued whenever this much horsepower gathers in this small of real estate, so play it safe, and allow this event to keep on rolling. Till next time. we will see you guys at the next one!

And don’t forget, the Lambo Fest is coming next week, we will be out there covering the event as well.


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