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Houston Coffee and Cars November 2016

Well it is that time again…Houston Coffee and Cars make us wait an entire month, but wow do they deliver. Whether you attend every month, or you just make an occasional visit every year, there will be something there to peak your interest. Take a stroll around and you will see everyone’s priceless children that they bring to the party, and some special treats that other companies may bless us with that morning.

Prepare ahead, clear your schedule for Saturday morning between 8 – 10 AM, and next month you might be able to catch some of these beauties.

You can always count on the classics to be there, including the old school Corvettes. Maybe it was the swagger of Chris Tucker pulling up in a beautiful Stingray, in the silver screen moments of Rush Hour, but I’ve always been a fan.



When it comes to the classics… fast, sleek cars are always nice, but you can’t deny the architectural perfection of these classic trucks. Simply put, there are….BAD ASS.





If you keep your eyes peeled, you may find someone who brought something to the party that bleeds nostalgia, taking things Back to the Future…..with the hover board included….now that is just one good flash from the past.



Don’t forget that on top of everything, you will find Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, McLaren’s, but sometimes…just sometimes, there will be something that makes an appearance that makes you cover those in dust as you spin your wheels to get a peek at a priceless masterpiece. Well not quite priceless, you can pick one up for a cool $4 million. It’s the CCXR Koenigsegg, and it definitely took over the meet.





With the events of the past “incident” (testosterone overload, burn out, crash and burn) security was definitely a little tighter, exit was channeled so it can be monitored by Police Officers, but it did not affect the experience of the meet. It’s a privilege to have so many amazing cars in one location, so as long as we can play within the guidelines, this should be here for more greatness to come.

If you are available next month, come out and see what all Houston Coffee and Cars has to offer. You will see some amazing cars, meet some awesome people, but beware, because it might have you running to the dealership, just to scope out the price tag on that ever beloved dream car. See you guys next time.

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