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Dub Show Houston 2017

Remember when riding on dubs was a big deal? Like, a BIG deal. Like rap video, big deal? [Man, I miss the 90’s.]

There was a time when putting 20 inch wheels on your car set your build apart. You were stepping up your custom car game to the next level, that “Best of Class” level. Before dubs became the status quo, they were likely the head turning, main feature of your build.

So what happened? Well, rims kept growing… and growing. 20’s turned in to 22’s. 22’s turned in to 24’s. 24’s turned in to 30’s. And then there was also the rise of the forgettable “Spinners” craze. [For the kiddos that are too young to remember, think fidget spinners but on your wheels. *shudders*]

Putting 20 inch rims on your car is no longer a statement, it’s damn near a minimum nowadays. But as enthusiasm for the “dub” has diminished over the years, its namesake automotive event, the Monster Energy Dub Show, has grown exponentially. The 2017 Houston, Texas stop of this car show and concert tour was one of its largest yet.

The Car Show

Luxury brands, wild paint jobs, and of course, plenty of dubs. The car show portion of the Dub Show has always attracted the top area car clubs and automotive vendors. This year’s show was no different with large contingents from Swift Car Club, Nokturnal Car Club and 713 Motoring to name a few. The show sponsor, Monster Energy, brought their own energy to the show with sponsored builds, the Monster Energy girls and on-site haircuts from the first ever Monster Energy sponsored barber, Houston’s own, Junedabarber.

The Concert

If cars and models weren’t enough, spectators of the Dub Show also had the all-day concert to look forward to. The concert has seen the greatest evolution since the early days of the Dub Show Tour, growing from a musical afterthought to the huge hip-hop production it is today. Curated by show co-sponsors, 97.9 The Box, the concert lineup featured local Houston legends like Slim Thug and Z-RO and was headlined by Gucci Mane.

Walking out of Houston’s NRG Convention Center after the Monster Energy Dub Show is a lot like walking out of a Las Vegas casino — it’s hot, the sun is blinding, and you’re disoriented from sensory overload. You aren’t really sure how long you were in there but you’re pretty sure it was a damn good time… now, where did I park…

Tommy Tang
Tommy Tang

Tommy Tang is a freelance photographer from Houston, Texas. While shooting for the athletic department, yearbook and newspaper at Texas A&M University, Tommy’s interest in general photography flourished in to a passion for portrait photography. Today, the travel enthusiast and lover of food continues to work in the realms of lifestyle and fashion photography.

“I just want to travel the world, eat tasty food, and take dope pictures.”
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