Sailor Moon Cosplayers at Delta H Con 2018

Delta H Con 2018

Delta H Con 2018

Coming up this weekend is the Delta H Con here in Houston, Tx. Before we get started with this year’s event, I thought a recap of what I was able to capture back in July of last year was like, for those of you who somehow missed it.

And so… (cue dream sequence!)

Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2576 Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2574 Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2583

As soon as I got off of work, I headed over to the Houston Marriott Westchase hotel to attend the anime con. Once I arrived, I headed to the back of the parking lot behind the group of itasha cars (cars decorated with images of fictional characters of anime, manga,  or video games) that were on display to commence the start of my coverage. But, first things first, it’s not just the cars that need fuel, I scarfed down my dinner for the night in the comfort of my car with the AC blasting (who said life on the road isn’t glamorous?!). Once I was done, I started my coverage by snapping photos of the cars that were there, which were an impressive, and varied collection. This also happened to be the same staging area the cars were set up the year before, but this time around the area was sectioned off better, allowing for more vehicles and better traffic flow for spectators too. There were only a few cars there when I started, but by the time I finished taking a few shots of each one, I was already sweating. It was summertime in Houston and we all know how hot it can get here so I ended up making my way inside to join the rest of the con… and the hotel AC.

Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2835 Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2836

Once inside, I made a quick loop around the entire hotel to see what was happening throughout. With it being a Friday, the con’s attendance wasn’t in high gear yet but there were still plenty of con spectators present. After walking back and forth a few times, I ended up making my way into the Delta H Fashion Show. This was my first time attending one of the fashion shows at any con, and it was quite enjoyable seeing the different models and outfits on stage. Afterward, I headed back out to the courtyard to capture some photos of the cosplayers and ended up doing a quick mini photoshoot with one of them before packing up and calling it a night.

Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2908 Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_2964

The next day I headed back to to the con, with my daughter in tow. For this con, she debuted her first self-made fursuit head to wear around the con. I was able to snag a photo later towards the end of our visit that day. Like the day before, I started my coverage in the same area, outside with the cars. Officially the weekend, there were now more cars there than there had been on Friday night. After quickly getting a few photos, I made my way back inside.

Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_3029

For the rest of our time until the cosplay contest, we made several tours around the hotel capturing as many cosplayers as we could find and made our way back outside a few times to see if any new cars showed up. I have come to enjoy the cosplay contest held at several cons so I made a point not to miss this one. I love seeing the different creations and the personas some of the cosplayers take on while on stage. I really loved the Krillin crossover skit, anyone else remembers that one? If so, do you remember what character did the cosplayer start as? What was your favorite skit there?

Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_3759 Alex Ventura: Delta H Con 2018 &emdash; Delta-H-2018-IMG_3868

For the remainder of Saturday and for Sunday, we both walked around keeping an eye out for other activities, vendor and artist booths, and cosplayers there, as well as a few familiar faces from previous events. I know this may not be one of the largest cons in Houston, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one on our list of cons to attend. If you are going to this year’s con, I will see you there this weekend (inside, where the AC is!).

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