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Cars and Boba

Roars of revving engines echoing down the street. A warm breeze cutting through the summer night. Fluorescent light spilling across a blacktop parking lot. Three of us standing beside an Acura parked at Kim’s Teahouse in Houston, Texas.

It all felt so familiar, I could hear Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” playing in the background. [That’s a 2002 reference for those paying attention.]

It’s 2017 though and everything feels just a little more… grown up. Ok, so we’re still jamming to “Hot in Herre” but hey that song is still fire. [Get it? Hot in Herre?! Fire?! I’ll be here all week folks!]

Advent Works: Cars & Boba &emdash;

The Acura we’re standing next to is no longer a friend’s ’96 Integra but now it’s his lovingly preserved 2001 NSX, it is pristine. My other friend has two kids hanging off of him and two more with momma, ready to go home. Yeah, things are a little different now. We all agreed though, being at Spekture’s Cars and Boba brought back all of the nostalgic car meet vibes from the good ol’ days.

Meets are for the purists. Meets are for show and tell. There are no prizes. There are no categories or registration fees. Meets are for bragging rights among peers.

Meets are for the guy that has been dying to take out the ’96 Toyota Supra he’s been slowly modding in his garage for years, not because he intends on entering it into a show, but because he’s dreamt of owning that car since he was a kid. He loves that car and he wants to roll it out in front of a crowd that will give his baby the proper gasps and head nods it deserves.

Meets are for that unfinished project you can’t hide anymore. You swapped your Honda CRV engine with an Integra engine? Bring that shit out! I may never understand why you did it but I definitely want to see it!


Events like Cars and Boba are one of the reasons why I joined the Spekture staff. The love and appreciation for car culture that I shared with everyone cruising Westheimer Road back in the day is the same love and appreciation found in this community we’re cultivating today. Here’s to bigger and better events to come. Oh, and more Boba!

Tommy Tang
Tommy Tang

Tommy Tang is a freelance photographer from Houston, Texas. While shooting for the athletic department, yearbook and newspaper at Texas A&M University, Tommy’s interest in general photography flourished in to a passion for portrait photography. Today, the travel enthusiast and lover of food continues to work in the realms of lifestyle and fashion photography.

“I just want to travel the world, eat tasty food, and take dope pictures.”
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