Car Show on Eastern: Henderson, NV – End of Summer

Before packing my stuff up and moving across the country to Florida, I wanted to be certain to get in one more car show in Las Vegas.  I was very impressed with the “Car Show on Eastern” when I attended it last March, so going again was an high on my list of “Things To Do” before leaving Vegas. I’m glad I went, because this event was impressive!

With over 200 cars present, this weekly gathering of enthusiasts in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, (at Sansone Park Place on Eastern & Richmar, behind Twin Peaks restaurant, from 7am-10am, as if you all didn’t already know!),  is growing at a steady pace. The show is hosted by Celebrity Cars Las Vegas. This was my second time covering the show for Spekture, and I was even more impressed than last time with the variety and number of vehicles and people in attendance, even though temps were hovering around 100 degrees (38 celsius), for those of you that don’t use either scale, let’s just say it was hot, really hot!

The triple digit temps on this Saturday morning didn’t stop an impressive variety of exotics, street rods, tuners, classic muscle, late model muscle, antiques, and even motorcycles from showing up. Las Vegas & Henderson scene enthusiasts are making the case for anyone who is like-minded, that this is where the Vegas car scene is at, and they are a driving force behind this show’s surging popularity.

I expected to see many cars that were the same from this spring, and I did recognize a few cars, but I was really amazed at how many cars were totally different this time around. I’m going to have to find a way to come back when the weather in Vegas is perfect, just to see what this show will look like when everyone comes out in force, Maybe during SEMA?

Some cars that really caught my eye this time around were this vintage Rolls Royce street rod that had a blower stack sticking out the hood. I wish I could’ve tracked down the owner to get some details on it (or see if I could get a test drive from him!). When was the last time you saw a Rolls Royce street rod? And while an olive drab coloured car wouldn’t normally catch my eye, this Lamborghini Huracán with its carbon fiber body kit and gold rims was seriously wicked, and hard to miss!

Two vintage VW’s; a Microbus, and Microbus pickup we’re nothing less than perfection! By the time I’d checked out the whole show, aside from feeling like I had literally started melting, I had seen a whole lot of great cars, literally, millions of dollars worth. Looking forward to round three next time I get back there, and a gentle breeze would be nice too!

Check out the gallery for some pics of those and a whole lot more awesome rides from Vegas.

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