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Bodysuit Brilliance

Bodysuits have made a resurgence in fashion within the past couple of years and have become a basic staple in just about every woman’s wardrobe. With the rise of their popularity through the years, not only has their function changed to keep in line with fashion, but their design has as well.

The leotard originated in the 19th century and was created by French gymnast Jules Leotard, where the name originates. However, 19th century bodysuits are much more different than what are worn today. They were close fitting (not skin tight), low cut at the neck, and gusseted between the legs. They were also made from materials like wool and silk and used for sporting events.

Fast forwarding to the 1940s,the leotard started rooting itself in fashion, and not just sportswear. The bodysuits were modest to fit with the times and had a high neck, long sleeves, and easily paired with separates. The bodysuits had gained so much praise that it appeared on the 1943 September cover for Harper’s Bazaar.

Through time, fashion has shown a preference for items that are not only easy to wear, but still look great. This remains true for the bodysuit. Glamour model Katherine Haus agrees:

“I love bodysuits for many reasons”


“They are easier to pack and coordinate when it comes to accessories. They also accent the curves of the body, have a variety of styles to choose from, plus multiple looks can be made from one bodysuit.”

– Katherine Haus

While bodysuits provide a figure-hugging silhouette, there are other added benefits. Unlike tops, there is no un-tucking or shifting into an unflattering drape. They also are not only nostalgic of Jane Fonda’s signature style with an “athleisure” feel, but are both functional and chic. The variety in styles, from jersey basics to lace and sheer, allows for a range in the way they are worn and can fit anyone’s personal style

How are you utilizing bodysuits to fit your style?



Photographer: Dustin Nicholas (Website | Instagram)
Model: McKenzie Morrow (Instagram)
MUA: Kellie Stolworthy (Instagram)

Photographer: Hope Alegre (Instagram)
Model: Katherine Haus (Facebook | Instagram)
MUA: Heather Deshea (Facebook)

Photographer: Daniel Bray (Instagram)
Model: Melissa Lynn (Instagram)

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