Model Giulia Pascazio

Beautifully Taken

I was born in Naples on the 15th of July, 1986.

Most of all, my town, a symbol of resistance, inclusivity, and also full of fascinating contradictions, gave me a desperate desire to explore new worlds and people far away from my culture, and to capture all this within my imagery.

My first goal with photography is always to represent portraits we are not so used to seeing; I love to mix different cultures and genders, and I like to think that’s a little, humble, way I can to help break down social and visual prejudices.

My concept of ‘’beauty’’ in photography includes showing the importance of the past that comes into our present, in the art, in the memories, in a magnificent monument staring out to the street as we absentmindedly walk by. I believe that’s one reason why statues, columns, arches, along with ancient and historical palaces are very commonly preserved.

My goal is to continue to improve my techniques to have a greater knowledge of my instrument and to maintain a level of skill where I can exchange and compare ideas with people who have the same passion as me, but never being too picky or overly demanding of them; photography, just like painting, should aim to inspire some feelings and emotions, not just at presenting images as ‘’beautifully taken’’ to be admired.

Model: Giulia Pascazio
Makeup Artist: Sara Festinese
Hair Stylist: Paola Sardo
Wardrobe Stylist: Rosanna Fanizza
Assistant: Amalia Perna

Photo & Words by Dario Tucci

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