All Japanese Car and Bike Show – 2018

Sunday, August 12th saw the annual All Japanese Car and Bike Show held at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle just 2 hours north of Sydney. Now in its 4th year, the event again proved to be popular with car owners and spectators alike and was well attended. Spekture made it along to see the cars and bikes on show and to take in the atmosphere of the event. Despite the cooler weather, sunshine prevailed seeing plenty of entrants with their cars on display providing a friendly and upbeat atmosphere.

Supported by the Newcastle Sporting Car Club, Toyota Nationals Inc & Shannons Insurance, the event is open to anything and everything Japanese, from Nissan Skyline’s through to Holden Gemini’s! Underlying the community spirit of the show, entry was by way of gold-coin donation with proceeds going to support charity CanTeen. CanTeen works by combining leading-edge research into the emotional and social impacts of cancer and ensures that we truly understand how cancer is different in a young person’s world.

Having recently moved to Newcastle myself, it was great to see a vibrant and thriving automotive scene. A 20-minute walk down to the grounds with my kid in tow, we managed to walk around and get a feel for the show, with the camera at the ready. As I snapped a few photos it dawned on me that so many of those in attendance were genuine spectators and car enthusiasts – clearly excited to see what was on show. Grouped together in their car clubs, or parked with peers, were a number of more modern Evo’s, Skyline’s, and WRX’s. Scattered amongst the others, we found some older Mazda’s, Datsun’s and Gemini’s – clearly outlining the diversity of vehicle type and vintage on display.

The food and coffee vendors on site ensured patrons had plenty of options to keep fueled and hydrated. A number of trade stands were onsite too, showing their wares and taking orders.

Awards (and winners) on the day included:

  • Sponsors Choice awards (x3)- Shannons – entrant # 329 (gunmetal grey GTR)
    – Newcastle Sporting Car Club – entrant #325 (yellow GTR)
    – Toyota Nationals Inc – entrant #251 (light green crown coupe)
  • Bike of the Day – entrant #422
  • WTF!? – entrant #006 (rat-rod rust look Daihatsu)
  • Blast from the Past – entrant #224
  • Damn thats Lo Bro! – entrant #481 (Mazda Ute)
  • That’s Nahstee – entrant #008 (Red Evo)
  • Because Racecar – entrant #431 (grey RX7)

With strong attendance, varied vehicles and bikes, and such a great family-friendly atmosphere, one would imagine that 2019’s show can only build upon such a fantastic event and be an even bigger hit with the local car enthusiasts crowd.


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