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316 Customs Grand Opening Car Show

Recently I found myself making a trip to Wichita, Kansas for my little sister’s wedding. While I was there I wanted to check out the local car scene. Days before I began my journey north, I joined a few local Wichita car groups and started searching for car events taking place there.

Advent Works: 316 Customs Grand Opening &emdash;

I ran across a flyer for 316 Customs Grand Opening hosted by FN1 which happened to take place on Saturday while I was in town. The grand opening was advertised as a family friendly event with kids face painting and some BBQ as well as cash prizes for the show winners. This also happened to be the day of my sister’s wedding so I was hoping to make it before it ended. As soon as the wedding was finished and I was free, I made it across town to check out the free car show. Luckily most of the rides were still there when I arrive, which was within the last two hours of the event.

Advent Works: 316 Customs Grand Opening &emdash;
Advent Works: 316 Customs Grand Opening &emdash;

My kids were not interested in checking out the event so they stayed on the side playing with their electronics as I walked around the venue checking out the show. I did talk with a few of the people out there, but as the event wasn’t going to last much longer, I focused on taking photos and didn’t mingle as much. I walked around the area a few times while enjoying the music by the DJ. Not much longer the announcements began for the winners of the raffles and the car show. Soon after that, some of the rides started clearing out while others stayed.

Advent Works: 316 Customs Grand Opening &emdash;
Advent Works: 316 Customs Grand Opening &emdash;

I was glad I was able to stop by and check out the show, there were some nice and unique rides out here. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as well. The atmosphere out here was great and everyone enjoyed the event. Maybe I will be stopping by again in the future, till then stay tuned.

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